Application must be submitted online to the Graduate Studies Office. The entire application must be completed online and no application will be accepted in any other format.


The DGSR requires that you submit a copy of your resume (in English) with your application. Upload your resume with the other documents required to be uploaded. We prefer a one-page resume. Do not submit a resume that is longer than two pages. In your resume, please list your academic and non-academic t​raining experience (business, professional, research, military, etc.). Include the institution or organization (name, city, and country), the nature of your work, and the dates for each listing.

Work experience

Work experience is not a requirement for the admission; however, it is very important in overall evaluation of your application. If you have work experience, please specify the number of year in your resume.

Statement Of Purpose

This is applicable only to the Master of Commercial Law program. You need to provide a statement of purpose presenting your reasons and intentions of studying the program. Also you may write why you have selected Prince Sultan University for studying the program.

Recommendation Letters

You are required to submit two letters of recommendation (copies). However, these recommendations can be sent directly by the referees to gradstudy@psu.edu.sa or can be brought with you in sealed envelopes only once you are called for the interview.


After an initial evaluation of completed applications, Admissions Committee will schedule interviews by invitation only if needed.   Interview provides the Admissions Committee with additional information on your qualifications and career goals.