Students can be admitted at PSU as Transfer Students based on the following criteria:

  1. The student’s degree must be a Bachelor’s degree (Diploma degree is not considered at transferring) 

  2. The student should have earned his/her high school certificate within the past five years. 

  3. The student must be currently enrolled at a university that is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education in Riyadh.

  4. The transferred courses must be equivalent to PSU’s courses and must have been taught in English. 

  5. Student’s GPA should be no less than (2 out of 4) or (3 out of 5), and only courses with (C) grade or better can be transferred.

  6. The Maximum number of credit hours that can be transferred (beyond the PYP) is 34 credit hours. 

​Required Documents for Transfer: 

  • Official Academic transcript from the university the student is currently at. 

  • Course description of every course the student took 

  • High school certificate ​