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Tuition Fees

  1. ​Tuition fees are paid in two installments per year at the beginning of each semester. The tuition fees do not cover textbooks. 

  2. The fees cover curricular activities and other services provided by Prince Sultan University such as the use of the computer and English-language laboratories, the library, the swimming pool and many sports facilities.

  3. The fees are payable at the beginning of each semester.

  4. To withdraw from the University, the student has to submit a written withdrawal request to the Deanship of Admission and Registration before the beginning of the semester, in order to avoid any financial obligations for that particular semester.

  5. It should be noted that students who fail to report to the University for registration and payment of tuition fees at the announced time will have their admission canceled.


Applications for the admission to the university are for the preparatory year program, students can enroll in their desired academic majors after passing the preparatory year. 

Admission Process 

1. The student needs to fill the application-for-admission form (ONLINE or at the Information Desk of the Deanship of Admissions and Registration).

2. The student has to pay the application fee, either: 

- cash at the Student’s Accounting Office on campus, 

- or deposit the fee at the PSU Bank ​

(Men's College account)

SAMBA Bank, King Abdullah Branch

(265 – 0630 – 884)


(Women's College account)​

#2120844469940 Riyadh Bank, Al-Takhassussi Branch  

and submit the receipt to the Student Accounting Office.