• Encourage academic excellence within the people of the community, attract them to study at the university, and enable them of acquiring education in an extraordinary environment.
  • Encourage PSU students to be academica​lly excellent, enforce its culture in their academic and professional life, and contribute to building an aware generation that plays their role in developing the community.
  • Pay attention to students who study abroad from government and private sectors, and effectively communicate with these sectors to graduate qualified employees.
  • Aid students who meet the conditions of admission in PSU but cannot due to their personal circumstances.
  • ​Highlight the contributions of the sponsoring sectors of the program as a clear example of the community awareness of academic excellence and a sample of social solidarity that the university is nurturing as a part of its role towards the community.
  • Offer the opportunity for more entrepreneurs and institutions to be supporting partners of this program to achieve its goals.   ​​