​​​​​​​The program received support from the university management that enabled it of doing its job and contributing to achieving the university's goals and its a​mbitious vision. The following are some of the program achievements:

First – Disseminate the Culture of Excellence among the Community

The scholarships administration is working on disseminating the culture of excellence within society members through allocating scholarships to outstanding students, attracting them to study in the university, and enabling them of attaining education in a distinguished environment. In order for them to contribute to building an aware generation that plays a role in developing the community, the scholarships are advertised through activities collaborated with other university departments.

1. Communication Program with other high schools in Riyadh (school visits to the university and vice versa).

This program comes within the framework of the university's endeavor to serve the community and to inform its members of the educational opportunities offered by their country through its educational institutions. The goal is to help the members of this society excel in their academic and professional life, and strengthen the relationship between PSU and other social institutions through informing them of the universities in our nations. The program ai​ms to:

  • Raise awareness within the community of the university lifestyle and the importance of finding a middle ground between choosing universities and majors according to what students prefe​​r and what the job market needs. This is done in an attempt to help them identify their preferred major that suits the​m at this stage.
  • ​Attract excellent students, who are not able to join PSU due to financial issues, through scholarships offered ​by the university and the study abroad scholarships offered by the Ministry of Education. Thus, increasing the level of general education for university students which will create a suitable space to apply university curricula to its students.

2. Participation in exhibitions held by the Ministry of Education and other educational institutions; such as, “The International Conference of Higher Education" organized by the Ministry of Education, and the Exhibition of Tarbya Namouthajiyah School. With the presence of a staff member from the program with promotional materials for the scholarship illustrating how students can join PSU with a scholarship.


Second – Enable Community Members of Continuing their Higher Education

This is done through the following:

1. ​Facilitate joining the scholarships of the Ministry of Education for community members, as the percentage of Saudi students admitted to PSU on the Ministry of Education Scholarship is about 50%-70% of university students.

2. Allocate scholarships from the university to the outstanding members of the society, the children of martyrs of duty, and orphans with the coordination of the official bodies that sponsor these important parts of the community; such as, Insan Association and Kelana Association. Beneficiaries of the university scholarship are over 1.317 students.


Third – Follow up on the Academic Progress of Excellent Students

To ensure continuous excellence of these students and help them overcome the challenges they may face in achieving excellence.


Fourth – Graduate Academically Excellent and Professionally Outstanding Students

They will participate in the government and private sector. It should be noted that many of these students have emerged in the field of their work and have assumed leading positions, serving their community and nation as a result.

Fifth – Communicate with the Sponsoring Sectors (Institutions and Entrepreneurs)

Encourage them to do community service by offering scholarships for excellent students, and offer opportunities for more institutions and entrepreneurs making them sponsoring partners to support the program and achieve its goals.

This program also aims to highlight the contributions of the program sponsors as an example of the community's awareness of academic excellence, and an example of a type of social solidarity nurtured by the university, thus, establishing PSU's role towards the community. In addition, appreciating the sponsors in Taif (the university magazine) and inviting them to the events held by the university.​