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CH Mode of Teaching Term 201

Due to COVID19 pandemic and in accordance with the MoE instructions and guidelines for appropriate modes of teaching for the theoretical and practical university courses, the CH will be offering all the courses online except the following eight practical courses.

The practical courses are:

Courses Code Course Title Number of sections Name of instructor Course requirements
ETRA351 Sight Translation 1 Ms. Adwa Alyousef lab H or virtual lab H
ETRA352 Consecutive Interpreting 1 Dr. Nada Almazrooa
ETRA353 Computer Applications in Translation 1 Dr. Hind Alotaibi
ETRA355 Business and Media Translation 1 Dr. Hala Emara
ETRA356 Scientific and Medical Translation 1 Dr. Mona Salem
ETRA453 Simultaneous Interpreting 1 Dr. Mona Salem
ETRA455 Legal and Political Translation 1 Dr. Hadeer Abouelnagah
ETRA456 Editing and Publishing 1 Dr. Hadeer Abouelnagah

We wish all our faculty members and students a fruitful and safe semester.


English and Translation

  • translation in a variety of occupations, e.g., banks, hospitals, ministries, companies, agencies and law firms
  • public service interpreting; conferences
  • localization; advertising
  • editing and publishing
  • media and journalism


  • TEFL instructor
  • editorial assistant
  • public relations officer
  • journalism
  • language test designer/administrator

CH Research

PSU humanities scholars strive to advance research that makes a difference in the world.

ERLEducational Research Lab

Providing professional mentoring and support for faculty who implement and embed research-based teaching practices in their classrooms in order to continually improve pedagogy in K-12 schools, colleges, and universities throughout KSA.


LDSHLiterary and Digital Studies Research Group

The intersection of humanities and computational tools is the future of the studies in the humanities and is crucial to the development of significant technological advancement in artificial intelligence and data analytics.


ALLABApplied Linguistics Research Lab

determined to produce quality research, extend its members’ expertise to the community, provide support to budding researchers and offer relevant training and consultations.