​​Group Leader: Dr. Ali Al-Matouq

​College / Department: Engineering/Engineering Management

Group members:

  • Dr. Mohammed Al-Shahrani, KFUPM (Mathematical Programming, Optimisation, Variational Inequalities) mshahrani@kfupm.edu.sa
  • ​Dr. Talal Al-Sulaiman (Financial Engineering) talsulaiman@psu.edu.sa
  • Dr. Muhammad Dur-e-Ahmad (Mathematical modelling of biological systems, epidemics, simulation) mahmed@psu.edu.sa
  • Dr. Aiman Mukueimer (Functional analysis, Fixed point theory, optimization) mukheimer@psu.edu.sa
  • Dr. Taous-Meriem Laleg KAUST (Control theory, estimation algorithms, Mathematical modelling, signal/image processing) taousmeriem.laleg@kaust.edu.sa​
  • Dr. Souad Larabi (Artificial Intelligence, Data mining, Data Analytics, Bioinformatics, Biometric Identification)  slarabi@psu.edu.sa
  • Dr.Tanzila Saba (Soft Computing, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence) tsaba@psu.edu.sa
  • Dr. Mohammed Al-Tounisi (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics Algorithms Operations Research)  mtounsi@psu.edu.sa
  • Dr. Jaber Jamei (Machine learning, Approximate algorithms; Decis​ion support in Green logistics and Health Care operations)   jaber.jemai@psu.edu.sa
  • Dr. Bander AlKhayyal (Environmental Engineerig, Energy Management, Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing, Reverse Logistics) balkhayyal@psu.edu.sa
  • Dr. Dhafer AlMakhles (Nonlinear Control System, Solar Energy SlidingMode Networked Control Systems Wireless Power Transfer) dalmakhles@psu.edu.sa
  • Dr. Rafed Zawawi (Aviation Management,  Aircraft Engineering) rafed@psu.edu.sa​
  • Ms. Roohi Jan​  Director of Quality Assurance Center (Computer Science) rjan@psu.edu.sa​​

Student members:

  • Ammar AlMusallem
  • Ahmed AlOmary
  • Alaa Hassen​
  • AbdulAziz AlObaid
  • Osama Halaboni


To be a leading inter-disciplinary research group that is recognized locally and internationally for quality research and education advancing both operational analysis theory and applications.

*Connection with College vision: The College of Engineering vision is to become a college at the forefront of quality engineering education and applied research.  The research group vision helps to achieve the college vision by conducting quality research and education in operations research.

*Connection with PSU research themes:

Theme 1: Data Science: Operations research applications make use of many data science techniques including statistics, machine learning, linear algebra, optimization and simulation in developing analytics and optimizing industrial sectors.  

Theme 2: Digital economy: Financial analytics and financial engineering is part of the research group activities.  Financial engineering bowers techniques from system theory, optimization, statistics, and machine learning to address the challenges faced by financial institutions.

Theme 5: Technological and Industrial Innovation: Operational research applications involve the optimization of the operations of many industrial sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare institutions, and financial institutions.​


Advanced Operations and Analytics Research Group is an organized research group in Prince Sultan University that contributes to the body of knowledge and practice of operational analysis that spans various engineering management applications while serving academia through quality education.

*Connection with College mission: The College of Engineering aims to provide its students with stimulating and sound education and training in all its degree programs.  The group mission helps to achieve the college mission by involving students in interdisciplinary undergraduate research activity in the field of operations research.​