Some ​​Core and ​​​Elective undergraduate courses related to operational analysis:

​​1- Elective course: EM 427: Applied linear algebra

Introduction to applied linear algebra with emphasis on applications. Topics include introductory material about vectors, linear independence and orthonormal sets, matrices, matrix inversion, QR factorization, least squares, regularized least squares and constrained least squares.  Applications include clustering and the k-means algorithm, data fitting, classification, optimal control and estimation of dynamical systems, tomography and​ portfolio optimization. Prerequisites: CS 101, MATH 113.

2- Quantatative Analysis IS371 

This course introduces fundamental quantitative methods used to analyse and solve various models of business problems. The course presents a set of fundamental theories and concepts including probability theory, time series, mathematical programming, and Markov processes. Such tools are then used model and solve a variety of business problems in finance, transportation, inventory management, etc. The course aim to equip the student with the necessary knowledge and skills allowing them to perform quantitative analysis to solve some business models including forecasting, distribution, transportation, and inventory models. After completing this course, students are expected to use Matlab (Matrix Lab) tool to solve these common management problems as well as constrained optimization problems. Students will gain some experience in applying these quantitative tools to real-world problems.​ Prerequisites: CS285, IS241.