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Instructions for ID Skill Exam

​Instructions for ID Skill Exam  

Dear Students,
We welcome you to the Interior Design Department - College of Engineering at Prince Sultan University. Kindly we ask you to arrive to the exam hall at least 30 min. before the exam starts. We wish you the best of luck in the Interior Design Skill Exam.  

Please take into consideration that the exam will cover the following six topics of required skills:

1. Knowledge of and skills in freehand Sketching:
A sketch will be given to you as an image to redraw using the pencil, testing your freehand. Drafting tools are not allowed. 

2. Knowledge of and skills in Geometrical Drawing:
You should draw geometrical shapes (square, rectangle, triangles, circles...etc.) to create a drawing composition using the drafting tools. 

3. Knowledge of and skills in developing a design concept:
You will be asked to think about suitable and best answers for given questions (materials, colors, etc.). 

4. Knowledge of and skills in measuring, and drafting:
You will be asked to draw two-dimensional drawings (Floor plan, Furniture, etc.), to either re-draw or redesign the interior space. In addition, three-dimensional drawings (perspective, Isometric, etc.) will be given as an image or picture to re-draw or identify with drawing. 

5. Knowledge of and skills in technical drawing:
You will be asked to produce a creative, original and innovative piece of work using the given descriptions or a composition exercise by the repetition of a given simple shape using colors if required. 

6. Knowledge of and skills in developing a design:
You will be tested on:
  • The logic of projection, by figuring out the side shape for 2D /3D forms in different views (top view, side view, etc.).
  • The numerical logic through some calculation exercises, such as (calculate the number of edges or surfaces of a specific object, or calculate the area of the given interior space(s) or the perimeter of shapes …etc.)

Required Materials
1- Drafting tools such as Pencils, Rulers, Pencil colors, and Eraser.
2- Geometric drawings required compasses and protectors.
3- A calculator will help your numerical question.

Best of Luck!