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Student Guides and Materials

Undergraduate programs

Deanship of Educational Services:

·         Preparatory Year Program (Men/Women).

 College of Computer and Information Sciences:

·         Computer Sciences (Men/Women).

·         Computer Sciences (Digital Media) (Men/Women).

·         Computer Sciences (Cyber Security) (Men/Women).

·         Information Systems (Men/Women).

·         Information Systems (E-Commerce) (Men/Women).

·         Information Systems (Cyber Security) (Men/Women).

·         Software Engineering (Men/Women).

·         Software Engineering (Cyber Security)(Men/Women).

 College of Law:

·         Law (tracks: Commercial Law, International Law, or Advanced Saudi Law) (Men/Women).

 College of Business Administration:

·         Finance (Men / Women).

·         Accounting (Men / Women).

·         Marketing (Men / Women).

·         Aviation Management (Men).

 College of Engineering:

·         Production and Manufacturing Engineering Management (Men).

·         Construction Engineering Management (Men).

·         Communications & Networks Engineering (Men).

·         Civil and Environmental Engineering Program (Men).

·         Electrical Engineering Program (Men).

·         Interior Design Engineering (Women).

·         Architectural Engineering (Women).

 College of Humanities:

·         Applied Linguistics (Women).

·         Translation (Women).​​