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Goals and Objectives

1. Goal 1: Create and Maintain a Culture of Quality 
1.1. Redefine the concept of quality and the dissemination of its culture at the university. 
1.2. Build Institutional Quality Framework to maintain high-quality services 
1.3. Develop a Quality Management System (QMS) that integrates the various internal processes and specifying the clear criteria and procedures to evaluate learning and teaching, its resources, services and the support infrastructure. 
1.4. Establish internal and external benchmarks to measure all the Quality Standards in collaboration with CSI &SPDC. 
1.5. Conduct institutional training on the awareness of quality assurance and continuous improvement to all its primary stakeholders. 

2. Goal 2: Ensure Excellence in Quality Practices 
2.1. Maintain an efficient and effective Quality Assurance system 
2.2. Provide support and advice to the various units of the university in all matters relating to quality and accreditation matters. 
2.3. Coordinate with the academic and administrative units for the formation of committees related to quality and academic accreditation and follow up the implementation of its tasks in relation to those associated with them 
2.4. Ensure quality systems are in place for demonstrating excellence by conducting periodic quality audits. 
2.5. Ensure effective standardized approaches in all academic and administrative units between the two campuses at PSU. 
2.6. Develop and maintain a comprehensive, informative, useful and up-to-date website for the Quality Assurance which supports the University’s efforts to maintain transparency, integrity and effective community engagement 
2.7. Ensure a systematic process of collecting and archiving reports, records, documents, policies, regulations, performance indicators, researchers and any evidence related to QA activities at PSU. 

3. Goal 3: Oversee quality Compliance and requirements for International and National Accreditation 
3.1. Develop a general framework of a strategic plan for quality, and other for academic and administrative accreditation 
3.2. Monitor and ensure institutional compliance with national and international standards for institutional and program accreditation (PSU) in collaboration with EAAC. 

4. Goal 4: Enhance Continuous Quality Improvement 
​4.1. Establish scientific and professional relations between the university and other institutions of excellence in quality and academic accreditation application 
4.2. Undertake QA related research, and coordinate with RTC to evaluate the achievement of the university’s mission through research and in collaboration with CSI 
4.3. Identify the expectations and requirements of satisfaction of all stakeholders (internal and external) and connected to all relevant units. 
4.4. Report on quality improvement activities to the concerned academic and administrative units. Recommend corrective actions to the concerned academic and administrative units based on the quality measures taken by them.