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Teaching and Learning Quality Framework TLQF

​Teaching and Learning Quality Framework TLQF
PSU Teaching and Learning Quality Framework (TLQF) is a collection of policies, processes and guidelines that have been developed over the past few years to oversee and ensure the quality of learning and teaching in all programs offered. The policies cover the major areas of LT Quality assurance such as Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes, Curriculum Development, Student Assessment, Proactive Student Advising, Program Evaluation, Recruitment, Faculty Professional Development …etc at PSU. 

TLQF defines a reporting process with clear responsibilities and KPI’s to facilitate effective monitoring of LT quality and timely actions for corrections and improvement. As may be expected, the LTQF assumes an Outcome-Based approach where all activities from Program Design to Student Assessment are strongly based on clearly defined Student Learning Outcomes. 

The Main Components LTQ Framework 
This booklet provides a brief outline of the main policies and guidelines included in the LTQF. These include:
PSU Learning & Teaching Quality Framework Policy.
PSU Learning & Teaching Quality Assurance Policy.
PSU Curriculum Development Policy.
PSU Academic Assessment Policy.
PSU Proactive Advise Policy.
PSU Student Assessment Policy.
PSU Final Examination Policy.
PSU Recruitment Policy.

The LTQF is by means complete. A lot of work is being done to implement and update it. Later versions will include more guidelines and processes, plus sample implementations.

The policies are outlined here PSU Learning and Teaching Quality Framework Booklet PSU Learning and Teaching Quality Framework BookletPSU_Learning_and_Teaching_Quality_Framework_Booklet.pdf