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Student Govt and Activities

Student Council

انتخابات المجالس الطلابية 
Student Council Elections

Prince Sultan University Student Council (USC) is a distinguished and honorable community supportive of diverse and globally competitive students.
The University Student Council (USC) is committed to academic excellence and scholarship, the value of community service, integrity, and leadership.


  • Academic Excellence

  • Honorable

  • Scholarly

  • Service

  • Supportive

  • Responsible

  • Integrity

  • Justice

  • Loyal

  • Unity in Diversity

  • Friendly

  • Leadership

  • Globally Competitive

Purposes And Objectives

  • The primary commitment of the University Student Council (USC) is to provide responsible and equitable student leadership and to mirror the opinions and concerns of all segments of PSU multinational student body.

  • The USC attempts to motivate students in campus life and form a close-knit interdisciplinary, multinational student community at PSU.

  • The purpose of the PSU Student Council (USC) shall be the establishment and maintenance of student government, the enactment and enforcement of the just laws and the promotion of such activities as are appropriate for the student body.

  • To promote the general welfare of the students; to encourage personal responsibility, loyalty, and a high sense of honor; and to further the principles upon which the University was founded and continues to operate.

  • To actively promote and participate in student activities, service projects and other special events that arise.

  • To help in the comprehensive development of PSU students.

  • To represent the student body of Prince Sultan University by providing a forum for expression, discussion and action concerning student rights, privileges, and opinions.

  • To uphold the highest standards of personal integrity and honor throughout the University community by serving as the leadership of the student body.

  • To serve as a liaison between the student body and the administration; cultivating friendships and cooperation among the students, faculty and staff, thereby fostering unity in diversity and the rejection of intolerance.

  • Students have a voice in the governance of the University through the University Student Council. The USC is recognized as the official representative voice of the student body at Prince Sultan University. Students can freely and openly express their views to USC officers who will ensure appropriate follow-up when necessary. 

Download USC Constitution: By-Laws: word format & pdf format.

Student Council Organizational Chart
University Student Council
It is the highest governing body or official organization of all bona fide students at PSU. Its officers are elected by student representatives who are council officers of the different colleges in the University. The college student councils are as follows:

  • College of Computer Information Systems Student Council

  • College of Business Administration Student Council

  • Orientation Year Program Student Council

  • College for Women Student Council

The University Student Council represents the student where the rights and interests are concerned. It trains students in leadership, fosters an appreciation for self-government, encourages initiative and participation in the activities of the University, and promotes wholesome companionship. All bonafide students of PSU shall enjoy membership in the University Student Council upon enrollment and payment of minimal membership fee.

Activities and Strategies:sc-org-chart.jpg

  • Student Orientation Program

  • Social Interactions and General Assembly

  • Cultural Presentations

  • Performing Arts Presentations

  • Film Showing or Stage Show

  • Academic Contests

  • Symposia

  • Seminar-Workshop

  • Lecture Series

  • Leadership Training

  • Educational and Arts Exhibit

  • Conventions

  • National Celebrations

  • Art Competitions

  • University Sports fest (Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Chess, Darts, Swimming, Squash, and others)

  • Educational Field Trips/Plant Tour/Business Tour

  • Convocations

  • Socio-civic activities (tree planting, business talk, computer literacy and others)

  • Anti-littering campaign

  • College Week

  • University Student Council Week

  • Student Council Election

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