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University News

An Open Day for Students and Employees of the University

19 November 2017

As part of Prince Bin Ayyaf’s Directives to Increase Social Activities Targeted for the University’s Community:

An Open Day for Students and Employees of the University

The university represented by the Deanship of Student Affairs in cooperation with the Community Services and Continuing Education Center, the Department of Physical Education, and the Public Relations and Media Center, organized an Open Day on Tuesday, October 24th for faculty members, students, and staff. The event was organized as part of His Royal Highness Prince Dr. Abdulaziz bin Mohammed bin Ayyaf, Chairman of the Trustees Board Council of the University, directive to increase social activities that develop university team spirit, improve abilities, skills and their development, and under the patronage and participation of the Rector Dr. Ahmed Bin Saleh Al Yamani. 


The day’s itinerary -which lasted from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.- included various activities. Attendees participated in entertaining athletic and social surprises. The event also included a variety of mobility, entertainment, and skills competitions, and various games -such as Tug-Of-War, Sumo Wrestling, etc. In addition, attendees also participated in a football match between faculty members and students. A Shawarma Corner was available to serve everyone at the event.

The Open Day’s activities were received with great enthusiasm, and winners of various competitions and games received awards from the Rector and Vice-Rectors.

The Open Day aims to create a distinguished academic environment, that is not only limited to academic excellence, but also includes other aspects relating to creativity, and the development of talents, abilities, and skills. The events main objectives included: reinforcing the university’s social responsibility values towards its students and employees, providing a socializing opportunity for university community members, promoting team spirit, and strengthening bonds among different university community member; in addition to: breaking barriers between community members through meeting in a social and informal setting, and positive and collaborative participation in athletic, cultural, and entertainment activities.   

  The Rector expressed, in a statement on the event, that he was pleased to attend and participate in these activities alongside students and colleagues, and stressed that the university always seeks to provide an engaging environment where everyone’s comfort needs are met. His excellency also expressed that the Open Day was an opportunity for university employees and students from various positions and levels to meet and participate in an atmosphere different than that of formal work and lecture halls. Furthermore, he expressed his gratitude to the team that organized the event under the supervision of Dr. Abdullah Al Husseini, Dean of Student Affairs.