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University News

An interview with Thomas White

04 February 2018

Mr. White of ABA: I was very impressed with the PSU's graduates and students that I met

After completing the First Week of the Lawyering Practical Skills Program, we have conducted a brief interview with Mr. Thomas White who presented students with Accounting for Lawyers.

Accounting for Lawyers is the first part of a four weeks intensive training giving law students practical skills necessary to begin a career in law. Best practices taught by highly qualified experts. ​​

What's the nature of this program?  What does it add to a Law College graduate?

This program is practical Lawyering skills and it's sponsored by the ABA (American Bar Association) Rule of Law Initiative to provide practical skills that young lawyers can use in developing their law practices once they graduate from Law College and go to work.​

Law is considered one of the relatively new majors in Saudi Universities. How did you find the level of PSU students and graduates in this field?

I was very impressed with the graduate's and student's that I met in the program. Today they appear to be very smart, very knowledgeable, very interested in the law and it's been a delight teaching with them.  ​

How do you rate your first week of the program in PSU?

The program has been great for the first week here; the facilities of PSU are modern and up-to-date, the students are a delight to work with, very impressive people, all the staff has been extremely accommodating and everything has been great.