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University News

The Board of Trustees in the First Meeting this Year Headed by Prince bin Ayaaf

28 December 2016
In Its First Meeting this Year Headed by Prince bin Ayaaf

The Board of Trustees Supports Sending a Number of TAs to Study Abroad and Calls for a Study on Medical Insurance for University Students


The University’s Board of Trustees has made a number of important decisions on Wednesday, Jan 20th of 2017. One of the decisions were to send a number of lecturers and teaching assistants to study abroad as a part of (Your Job, Your Scholarship) program in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, In addition; calling to study the available options to provide a medical insurance to all University students. 
The meeting began with a presentation from the University Rector Dr. Ahmed Saleh Al-Yamani illustrating the success and achievements of students locally and internationally on personal, professional, and academic levels. He emphasized on the fact that these accomplishments were not coincidental but a result of hard work and continuous efforts that stemmed from both the men and women’s departments followed up and supported by His Highness President of the Board of Trustees. 
The Board also viewed the presentation given by the Vice-Rector of Women’s Affairs Dr. Rima Saleh Al-Yahya regarding the results of the accreditation visit to both the College of Law and the College of Humanities that were sent by The National Commission for Assessment and Accreditation. She mentioned that these colleges are now undergoing assessment processes to gain program accreditation much like the College of Computer Science and Information System that gained accreditation in 2013, and College of Business Administration that gained accreditation as well in 2015, following the full institutional accreditation that the university gained for seven years in 2010 rendering PSU as the first private university and one of the three Saudi universities to receive this accreditation at the time. 
Next, the Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs and Scientific Research and the supervisor of the university projects, Dr. Abdulhafez Mohammad Al-Fda, gave a presentation on the work process of the construction projects in the university. The aim is to establish academic facilities equipped with the latest technologies to meet the needs of expanding the university's academic and training programs and multiple research centers. The Engineering Department has recently implemented some of the new facilities and coordinated some important sites as a part of the integrated University City project set to be utilized during the second semester of the current academic year. 
Regarding the flow of the research activity in the university, The Board viewed what the university administration are showing interest in within the research domain and their quest to assume a leading role in the promotion of research movement in the university. The administration aims to devote the culture of quality in this field in order to contribute effectively to the development of the nation according to the Saudi Vision 2030, and to ensure effective participation in achieving a number of the National Transformation program initiatives in 2020. It is the first step towards realizing the Kingdom’s vision for the upcoming 15 years, for that reason, the university established (C-F-E) and PSU Research Review (PRR). The center consists of units dealing with areas that align with the university's areas of specialty, such as, information technology, engineering applications, and business administration to contribute to finding solutions to some of these challenges. 
The university also established a scientific journal titled PSU Research Review; the journal is considered one of the university’s steps toward an international exposure. The journal aims to be the platform for development and sharing knowledge and ideas regarding the recent findings in scientific research as well as publishing recent theoretical and contemporary research in several fields. The journal has an editorial team consisted of (157) member belonging to (44) nationality. Most of these members work in international universities and institutions, such as, Harvard University, Oxford University, MIT University, Sydney University, Hong Kong University, Toronto University, World Bank, and the UNESCO, which is a source of enrichment that will reflect on the content of the journal. 

Finally, The Board agreed to adopt the recommendation of the University Council.