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University News

Organizing the International Volunteer Day Forum at Prince Sultan University

06 December 2017


In the Presence of the Rector of University and the Deputy Director-General of the Civil DefenseIn the presence of His Excellency the Vice Rector for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Saad bin Saleh Al-Ruwaiteh and the His Excellency, the Deputy Director-General of Civil Defense, General Hamad bin Abdul Aziz Al-Muftal. The Forum of the International Volunteer Day was held at Prince Sultan University on Tuesday, 17 Rabi Al-Awal 1439H (the 5th of December 2017).The forum was organized by the Directorate-General of Civil Defense in collaboration with Prince Sultan University. It was entitled "Volunteers are the First Responders Here and Everywhere" in the university’s large auditorium.

The forum aims to support and enrich the civic volunteer work to cope with the celebration of the International Day of Volunteers on the fifth of December of each year in which the volunteers of the world celebrate their international day.

The opening ceremony of the forum started with verses from the Holy Qur’an. Then, the Vice Rector for Administrative and Financial Affairs made an opening statement in which he welcomed the civil defense personnel who participated in the forum and all the attendees.

He said that hosting this event is a continuation of the fruitful cooperation between the two entities in everything that contributes to the public awareness and to the raising of the level of attention given to the issues that concern the community security.

The Vice Rector for Administrative and Financial Affairs emphasized the university’s pride of the partnership with the Directorate-General of Civil Defense which bears a heavy responsibility for maintaining the national achievements, the safety of the nationals and residents as part of the university’s social responsibility towards the society with all its elements.

After that, the Vice Rector for Administrative and Financial Affairs reviewed examples of the university's achievements and efforts in community service which became a cornerstone of its mission. Indeed, it is the first Saudi university that includes in its courses an academic program on strategic philanthropy work. It also includes the importance of volunteering to support the charitable developmental works and the new methods of managing and marketing based on science in collaboration with the American university Northeastern, King Khalid Foundation and the businessman Khaled Al-Jafali and his wife Ulfat Al-Mutlaq. He also noted the achievements that King Salman Education for Employment program. This program is considered to be the most important free training program for the university and college Saudi graduates who received a bachelor's degree and are unemployed because of the inappropriateness of their majors to the needs of the labor market. So far, hundreds of young people graduated from academies of the program and received professional international certificates enabled them to gain a prominent place in the large companies and in the various state organs.

Following that, the Deputy Director-General of Civil Defense made a statement in which he expressed his gratitude to Prince Sultan University. He thanked the university for its active participation in organizing the “The International Volunteer Day” forum and for hosting its events within the cooperation and partnership programs framework between the Directorate-General of Civil Defense and the university to enhance the social responsibility. He also appreciated the participation of the volunteer teams in enriching the forum events.

After that, Sultan Bin Sulaiman Al-Omro, a law student at the university, made a statement on behalf of his colleagues in which he talked about the lofty goals of volunteering and the incentives it provides to young men and women for creating, developing the sense of responsibility, stimulating the spirit of enterprise and helping young people to discover their potential, release their energies and invest their time in a useful way by participating in activities that contribute to making a positive difference in their communities.

He also reviewed some of the volunteering activities of his colleagues at the university such as Aoun club philanthropic initiatives for students like organizing of "Art is giving" for two consecutive years so far. The proceeds of the tickets were in the first year were given to the Charity Committee for Orphan Care (Ensan) and for the Sanad Children's Cancer Support Association.  The club also organized "Sultan Volunteers" program like orphan education, winter clothing, nursing home visiting, and the social welfare home visiting programs. In addition to the implementation of the International Volunteer Day Program organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in the Kingdom. The university students implemented the program at Riyadh level.

Then, the events of the forum started. They include many lectures, programs, and activities. One of the lectures was given by Dr. Saleh Al-Suhaibani on volunteering in 2030 vision. Another one was given by Dr. Omar Al-Omar on volunteering in Islamic law. A third one was given by Dr. Mohamed Zmarmi entitled "Volunteering is a Response”.

At the end of the forum, the speakers, volunteer teams and volunteers who participated in the forum works were honored.