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The University Hosts Delegation of Students from Johns Hopkins University

29 November 2017

In the Context of the Program “Hayacum” for the Exchange of Academic Experiences and the Promotion of Intercultural Dialogue

The University Hosts Delegation of Students from Johns Hopkins University

In the context of the constant search for close cooperation and exchange of experiences with distinct local, regional and international academia and the promotion of intercultural dialogue, the university, represented by the Department of Public Relations and Media in cooperation with the International Relations Office on Sunday, 19 November 2017, a delegation of 12 male and female students from Johns Hopkins University who belong to different nationalities and civilizations.

This delegation was hosted by the Ministry of Education for the purposes of keeping abreast of the global progress that occurred and is occurring in the Kingdom, identifying the most prominent universities, research centers and tourist attractions on them. In addition to the previous purposes, another purpose is discussing the mechanisms and means of enhancing academic and research cooperation between Saudi Arabian and American universities in general and Johns Hopkins University in particular.

In its turn, Prince Sultan University prepared, within “Hayacum” Program For the exchange of academic experiences and the promotion of intercultural dialogue which targeted foreign universities students, an internal integrated program to receive the delegations, introduce them to the university and its outcomes as a model of the development that occurred in the field of university education in general and private education in particular. In addition to the previous program, there was another program to introduce the students to the culture of Saudi society, its heritage and its traditions like the tent that was pitched in the university’s main lobby to welcome the delegation. Then, after that, the female students were head to the female branch, whereas the male students were hosted by the Department of Public Relations and Media in coordination with Students Affairs. The delegation participated in some of the cultural and folk activities like AlardahAlnajdiah (a special type of men dancing), eating the Saudi traditional dishes, wearing abaya (gown) and bisht (cloak), and putting the henna. Furthermore, there was a workshop about Arabic calligraphy and there were some old games to play. In addition, the university distributed souvenirs to the female and male students which include the Saudi thobe with all its accessories (the whole Saudi uniform) like bisht, shemagh (keffiah), takkiah (kufi hat), egal (headband),abaya and other souvenirs and activities.

The students’ delegation held a meeting with the university led by The Vice-Rector of PSU/Women Campus Dr. Rimah Al-Yahya. They also held sessions on the exchange of questions and ideas with the female and male counterparts in Prince Sultan University.

The university officials welcomed the students’ delegation visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, stressing the importance of scientific exchange, cultural communication and constant dialogue among civilizations for it has a positive impact on students, especially if they are with leading scientific institutions like Johns Hopkins University.

It is worth mentioning that the Program “Hayacum” targets students who are studying in universities outside the Kingdom for the purpose of scientific exchange and cultural communication with leading scientific universities. It was initiated by Prince Sultan University students in 2016 with the aim of building bridges between the students of the university and students of universities around the world. It also aims at experiences exchanging, identifying cultures, and making fruitful friendships by inviting students from universities outside the Kingdom to visit Prince Sultan University and conduct joint cultural activities outside it, especially with the existence of effective relations between the university and many universities in different countries, where Prince Sultan University sends its students to study abroad in some of these universities and it organizes the annual summer trips as well. The university wants to invest in these relations and, in return, it hosts the students of those universities to introduce them to Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia, and its culture.

In the context of this program, the university hosted last year a delegation of researchers and post-graduate students from Harvard University of America. The delegation was consisted of 26 students from different nationalities and civilizations led by researchers from the Gulf countries.

It’s worth mentioning that the university has many activities that are similar to the cultural and scientific exchange with international universities including the semester abroad program in which the university sends elite students are to study a full semester at one of the international universities. In addition, the university organizes the annual international summer trips for male and female students in which it coordinates with one of the distinguished universities to host its students’ delegation for two weeks within the an integrated program of cultural exchange, in addition to the application “Full Bridge “ which has been implemented for years in the university by specialized professors from a number of scientific universities, primarily Harvard University, in order to cross the bridge between theoretical and practical study, so that the student graduates with a practical experience similar to that in the field of work.