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University News

Women’s Campus Initiated Experiential Philanthropy Education this Semester

24 December 2017

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After the success of the implementation of the strategic developmental philanthropy work last semester in the men's campus, the program was implemented in the women's campus this semester.

This curriculum, which is the first academic program of its kind in the kingdom and region, is part of PSU's efforts to contribute effectively in achieving the strategic goals of promoting developmental philanthropy work within the Kingdom's 2030 vision. It also aims to develop philanthropy work and community service concepts in students and increase their awareness of their importance and their role in developing the community. In addition, developing their social senses and enforce their initiative and decision-making skills regarding community service.

Dr. Yazeed Al-Fakhri, the supervisor of the program, stated that the next step for the program after successfully implementing it in PSU is to expand this experience by transferring it to other Saudi universities, as an attempt to promote strategic developmental philanthropy work culture to the widest points of national developmental service.

In turn, Ms. Nouf Al-Sufyani, a professor of the course in women's campus, stated that the program had a good consensus among students in which they expressed their joy in participating in the program. The satisfactory level for the participants was at the highest level, as most of them decided to participate in philanthropy work post-graduation.

Ms. Nouf also talked about the highlights of the activities and presentations that were presented during this semester. She stated that the students of the program have conducted several visits and activities including visiting King Khalid Foundation (the program's consultants) to learn about the basics of charity and charitable societies, in addition; visiting several charitable associations specialized in the social field to learn about its programs, activities, and to evaluate them based on certain criteria. In order to, select a qualified association to receive 20,000$ grant provided by King Khalid Foundation and Sheikh Khaled Al-Juffali and his wife Mrs. Olfat Al-Mutlaq

The program attracted a number of specialists to talk to students about the field's aspects, among these specialists were Ms. Alanoud Al-Sheikh from BAE Systems Saudi Arabia, where she talked about charity by profitable companies and the basis of association selection and their activities, and Ms. Nouf Al-Mandil from King Khalid Foundation who attended the candidate activities presentation. 

It should be noted that the program has been included in elective courses, as it has been implemented in the men's campus, for the Marketing department. It specializes in marketing for non-profit organizations and promoting philanthropy work culture and its strategic role in development based on a scientific academic basis. It also prepares graduates who are capable of leading this sector that assumes a central role, which if developed would increase its development revenue, in the Kingdom's 2030 vision.

The university has signed a cooperation agreement with King Khalid Foundation, Northeastern University of America, and the entrepreneur Sheikh ​​Khaled Al-Juffali and his wife Mrs. Olfat Al-Mutlaq, to establish an academic practical program on strategic and developmental philanthropy work within the marketing department at the College of Business Administration.