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Textbooks Services

​​​​​​Information Resource Management Librarians offer textbooks services to PSU undergraduate and postgraduate students: men and women; they collect data, and prepare lists of required textbooks ahead of each academic semester, and submit to our local dealer Al-Shegri Bookstore to provide in time and at reasonable prices, together with their accompanying manuals and disks, librarians keep following up textbooks requests, and deal instantly with out-of-print, out-of-stock, and market restricted items, and would submit alternative textbooks instead when needed; in addition, librarians check the availability of required textbooks, their numbers, quality and prices, and coordinate with Al-Shegri staff to supply instructors’ and students; manuals, and provide the library with copies of each textbook for students and faculty use. 

Please click the links given below to check the status of textbooks. 

In case you have any issue regarding availability of textbook(s) after start of semester, please write to with cc to 

[First Semester, Academic Year 2019/2020 [Term 191​]

College of Business Administration (CBA)



Aviation & Management


College of Computer and Information System (CCIS)

Computer Science & Software Engineering

Information Systems & MSE​​

College of Engineering

Engineering Management

Communication & Networks Engineering

College of Law


Department of General Sciences

English Department

Report (for Li​ brary Staff Only)

Al-Shegrey Bookstore Contact Details

Mr. Moataz Abdulrahman 
Retail Department Director- al-Shegrey & PSU Account Manager 
Al-Shegrey Publishing and Information Technology 
PO Box 8833, Riyadh 11492. 
T: 2170227 ext. 134 (Al-Shegrey) 
T: 494-8664 (Al-Shegrey PSU Branch)