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Capital Market, Governance & Accountability (CMGA) Unit


According to Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 (page 43) “……… will require the formation of an advanced financial and capital market open to the world, allowing greater funding opportunities and stimulating economic growth. To this end, we will continue facilitating access to investing and trading in the stock market". The second theme of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 entails Thriving Economy with Rewarding Opportunities (the major goals include Learning for working, Boosting small businesses and productive families, Provide equal opportunities, and Attract the needed talents) and Openness For Business (the major goal includes Improving the business environment). To address this theme, the Capital Market, Governance & Accountability (CMGA) Unit will explore training, workshops, consultancy and research on corporate governance, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Zakah and Tax, Risk management, Financial performance, Internal Control, Corporate Social Responsibility, Accounting Profession for Women, Auditing, Financial Reporting, Management Accounting, Public sector accounting, Accounting standards for the SME. The unit will also offer insights into improving the transparency and accountability of financial information. The focus is on research that examines the following contemporary issues in accounting: 
The policymakers namely Tadawul, SOCPA, CMA, SAMA, and Kafalah Program (supported by the Ministry of Finance) will get the benefit of this service in policymaking decisions and contemporary findings through research. The key objective is to foster relationships with the accountancy and finance profession, government departments, standard setters and other national and international policymakers. 


To become nationally and internationally acknowledged the pre-eminent research center of excellence and knowledge hub for sustainable capital market. 


In line with the mission of innovation centre (IC) and Saudi Vision 2030, the mission of CMGA Unite is: 

  • To produce and disseminate high-quality applied research relating to understanding the workings of capital markets in Saudi Arabia and internationally; 
  • Assist Government agencies and business community groups through policy-making research which are relevant to the market needs and authoritative in research findings; 
  • Design and provide quality training and consultancy in the field of capital market including finance, banking, accounting and entrepreneurship; and 
  • Contribute to accomplish Saudi Vision 2030, inundated with creating social value and sustainable market 


To achieve the mission of the CMGA Unit, the key objectives are to: 

  • Conduct Policy-making and applied research in all areas of capital markets including governance and regulation, to assist government agencies, ministries, and business and community groups 
  • Undertake collaborative research within Prince Sultan University and with other national and international research groups 
  • To assist young undergraduate and postgraduate students to develop thought leadership capabilities in social entrepreneurship and associated subject areas 
  • To offer consultancy and be-spoke training programs on all areas of capital market to contribute toward the market needs, with high added value to support organizations of private and public sector in their work in the global environment 
  • Obtain external funding to support research activity of the unit 
  • Establish strategic research networks and enter into strategic partnerships 
  • Publish research output in internationally excellent rated academic journals 

Key Areas 

  • Corporate Governance Practices 
  • Corporate Governance Regulation 
  • Good Governance in Public Sector 
  • University Governance 
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) 
  • IFRS for SME 
  • SME Financing and development 
  • Credit Rating for SME 
  • Accounting Profession Development 
  • Women and Gender diversity in accounting and finance profession 
  • Accounting Regulation and Enforcement 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • Auditing and Internal Control 
  • Risk management and disclosure 
  • Performance Measurement 
  • Management Accounting Practices 
  • Islamic Accounting and Islamic Finance 
  • Public Sector Accounting Standards 
  • Zakah and Tax 
  • Corporate finance and investment 
  • Banking and financial intermediation 
  • Real Estate Finance and Investment 
  • International finance and investment 
  • Entrepreneurial finance and SMEs 
  • allocative efficiency and the macro-economy 
  • Islamic Financial Instrument 
  • Sukuk 
  • Islamic Insurance 
  • Financial Management in University 
  • Transparency and accountability of financial information