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Tuesday 19 November 2019  |   | 


Educational Development Unit



To become a world-renowned Educational Development Unit that supports educational advances for the good of mankind. 


The Educational Development Unit is dedicated to supporting teaching excellence in both the higher education and K-12 sectors. The unit will also provide ample educational training for the empowerment of women from all fields in line with the 2030 vision for KSA. 


The Educational Development Unit will be involved in a wide range of activities in the areas of teacher training for higher education, teacher training for K-12, training women on coaching and leadership skills, empowerment of women as well as research in these areas. The Unit objectives are listed below: 

  1. To expand the Teaching and Learning Certificate in Higher Education to faculty members from other institutions inside the Kingdom increasing our ranking by establishing partnerships or collaborations with other institutions 
  2. To develop a teacher training program for K-12 school teachers increasing our opportunities for community service 
  3. Develop a student-centric education model 
  4. Center for English Language Education Development 
  5. Develop curriculum assessment System 
  6. To develop activities and events that supports Life-long Learning (sustainability) in the field of education 
  7. To help empower women via the latest training opportunities in a variety of areas (education, business, security, entrepreneurship, and more)nistries, and business and community groups ​