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Tuesday 19 November 2019  |   | 


Engineering Application Unit


Also, One of the initiatives of the National Transformation Program for the Ministry of Labour and Social Development is to empower persons with disabilities to access proper education and job, which can be possible with providing those who are in need with an artificial device (prosthesis), and this unit at the start will contribute to this initiative through the implementation of the Orthotics and Prosthetics Development Applications. Other related Applied Engineering Applications can be added at a later stage to contribute to some other engineering related initiative such as Renewable Energy, Network Security and Manufacturing Processes, because there are many hidden potential to be discovered in these areas and many productive and promising results can be achieved. 


Engineering Applications Unit at Innovation Center will support research on a global scale in the priority areas of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to achieve the National Vision 2030. 


To enhance the Nation's economic productivity and improve the quality of life of its people, investment in Engineering Applications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been declared as one of the top priorities of the Government. This unit will anticipate and adapt to the dramatic changes of innovation in engineering practice in all the areas of primary focus to achieve various milestones of Vision 2030 of the Kingdom. 


The Scope of this unit will cover all areas as follows; but will not be limited to these:- 

  • To establish a “National Center for Prosthetics and Orthotics" for the patients of Saudi Arabia as well as Middle East in collaboration with already established similar centers around the world. 
  • To carryout research in some of the applications of Biomechanical Engineering as well as Chronic diseases such as Diabetes and possibly in the area of Neural Sciences (to include Brain computer interface) and any other priority areas announced by the Government from time to time. 
  • To carryout research in various sources of Energy and Power generation in particular to Solar energy because of its year around unlimited potential in the Kingdom as well as in Middle East. 
  • To undertake research projects from various area in the specialized fields listed or advised by the Government as its research priority areas 


Based on the scope, the unit will function to achieve following objectives; but will not be limited to these: 

  1. Design, Develop and manufacture prosthetics and orthotics applications to serve the needs of patients of Saudi Arabia in collaboration with similar International Centers and partnership with local public and private hospitals. 
  2. Conduct research in various advanced areas of Biomechanical Engineering such as Analysis of Human and animal bones. This research will lead to a large number of research publications in ISI and Scopus indexed conferences and journals. However the ultimate aim is to arrive at a stage where the Human and animal bones are printed outside the body and are used for transplants instead of metallic transplants. 
  3. Design and Development of products for various applications which may lead to establishment of an incubator at PSU for the students carrying out research in these areas. This may include devices for all industry applications including medical devices 
  4. Design and prototype development of Solar Energy units for domestic and commercial applications. It may involve research as well as transfer of technology from international research and development organizations. 
  5. To provide training on advanced technologies and systems to public, private sectors and commercial organizations including local community for acquiring job skills in the related fields. 


Based on the objectives of the unit, following outcomes are anticipated but are not limited to these : 

  1. Products for Prosthetics and Orthotics for the patients according to their needs. 
  2. Propose solutions in research areas of various fields depending upon the user requirements which will also lead to research journal and international conferences publications 
  3. Improve the ranking and research profile of the University in Kingdom as well as worldwide. 
  4. Provide products and solutions in various focus areas of the Government according to its VISION 2030 based on the mentioned scopes. 
  5. Create Incubator companies for students and employees at the university and develop a process in which graduating students could have their own startup companies based on their research projects at the university 
  6. Provide a platform to local Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's) where they could get Engineering consultancy and world class research done through limited funds also 
  7. Provide solutions to Government bodies, public and private organizations in various industries applications from Solar energy applications. 
  8. Provide opportunities to engineering graduates for basic and advanced training on the job as well as advanced research applications, so that they could take their careers in their respective field in the Kingdom and beyond. 
  9. Any other spin off of the research which could be commercialized for needs of the Kingdom as alternate revenue stream for its people. ​