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Sunday 17 November 2019  |   | 


Robotics and Internet of Things IoT Unit


To be an internationally recognized centre in robotics and internet of things 


  • To promote applied research on Robotics and Internet of Things in Prince Sultan University through international collaboration with industrial and academic partners 
  • To develop robotics and IoT solutions for real applications to sustain the economic and social development in Saudi Arabia inline with 2030 vision. 


  •  O1: Establish a professional research environment in PSU in the robotics and IoT research. 
  •  O2: Attract external funds and grants to PSU. 
  •  O3: Provide a consultation service to the industry both locally and internationally. 
  •  O4: Develop robotics and IoT solution's for the Saudi Market in collaboration with international companies. 
  •  O5: Providing training services to communities in the field of robotics and IoT. 
  •  O6: Contribute to the involvement of undergraduate and graduate students in professional research and promote their intellectual and learning skills. 
  •  O7: Establish international collaboration with reputed research groups and institutions in robotics and IoT.
  •  O8: Contribute to the enrichment of computer science and engineering programs in the field of robotics and IoT 

Benefits for PSU 

  •  Promoting the research impact of PSU around the world (improving its ranking among world's Universities). 
  •  PSU will contribute to advancing the knowledge in the area of robotics and Internet of Things. 
  •  Promote the research infrastructure and resources at the University through the establishment of high-tech lab's for robotics and Internet of Things. 
  •  The research group will work towards getting external funds for research from industry or other funding institutions such as KACST. 
  •  Establishing a professional and effective collaboration with top universities in the areas of robotics and IoT