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Friday 22 November 2019  |   | 


Aims and Objectives of the RIC

Aims and Objectives of the RIC  

The aim of the new research structure is to decentralize the research activities at PSU to the college level, and to reduce the duplication and overhead, and to ease the research activities process, and to identify PSU strength and set distinguished research themes driven by these strengths.

The main objectives are:

a.    Promote research, excellence, and innovation in the University community.

b.    Explore practical research problems that address the community needs

c.    Promote collaborative and interdisciplinary work

d.    Raise the scientific impact and feasibility of PSU and have research to be an added value to PSU achievements.

e.    Enhance the research infrastructure for professional development

f.    Generate financial revenue for PSU, through external grants, consultation, possible training, commercialization