​​​​One of the major goals of Prince Sultan University is the promotion of academic research in the applied, technical, and theoretical domains of knowledge. To that end, the University encourages faculty members, lecturers, teaching assistants and students to utilize its facilities of laboratories and libraries to conduct translation and authoring projects in their areas of interest. Moreover, the University provides funding for some translation and authoring projects per its established rules and regulations. Faculty members may also apply for funding for their translation and authoring projects from external sources. For further details about research, authoring and translation grants, please check the attached bylaws and application forms: 

Research Grants Bylaws 
Research Grants Bylaws English.pdf

Research Grants Bylaws Arabic.pdf

Research Grants Application Form 
Research Grants Application Form English.doc

Research Grants Application Form Arabic.doc

Book-Authoring & Translation Grants Bylaws 
Authoring & Translation Grants Bylaws English.pdf

Authoring & Translation Grants Bylaws Arabic.pdf

Book-Authoring Grants Application Form 
Book-Authoring Grants Application Form English.doc

Book-Authoring Grants Application Form Arabic.doc

Book-Translation Grants Application Form 
Book-Translation Grants Application Form.doc