PRMC Units

Media Unit

It is the responsibility of the Media Unit to manage and publish the official newsletter of the University and cover all the events to be talked about. The Unit is responsible for photographing official guests and gatherings inside and outside the University

Public Relations Unit

It is the responsibility of the public relations unit to ensure that the activities of the university are organized in a distinguished manner. It is also responsible for the official protocols on all official occasions. The unit is responsible for providing all promotional gifts and souvenirs to the guests and the PSU community.

Visual Documentation Unit

One of the responsibilities of the Unit is the visual coverage (video) of all the official activities of the university, whether it be External or internal, editing and editing videos and storing final copies in the storage device.

Marketing And Advertising Unit

The Director of the Marketing and Advertising Unit determines the priorities of the marketing, advertising, communication initiatives, projects, plans, management and implementation of the marketing team, and the responsibility of the Director is to promote all the academic programs of the University in the Kingdom and the Middle East. The Director works closely with the Dean of Admissions and Registration Deanship. University Director.