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The aim of the new research structure is to decentralize the research activities at PSU to the college level, and to reduce the duplication and overhead, and to ease the research activities process, and to identify the colleges’ strengths and guided by the research themes and on other promising targets on interest’

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RIC is intended to create a suitable environment that nurtures, encourages and inspires research activities that lead PSU to be among the top universities in the Middle East.


Foster research excellence among faculty members of PSU and prioritize the Saudi Vision 2030 in their scholarly research activities. Aims and Objectives of the RIC The aim of the new research structure is to decentralize the research activities at PSU to the college level, and to reduce the duplication and overhead, and to ease the research activities process, to identify PSU’s strengths, and to set distinguished research themes driven by these strengths.

Research Themes

Theme 1: Data Science and Security

Data processing is vital to innovation in a rapidly changing world. With the advancement of information and communication technologies, an ever-increasing large volume of data contributes to solutions addressing societal challenges such as health and demographic change and ageing, food security, and clean energy. The wide-spread use of information technology in every sector of life highlights the value of this commodity which necessitates its security. The theme of Data Science and Security encompasses strong research in areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data protection, privacy and cyber security and civil and legal protection.

Colleges who might participate: CCIS, CE and CL

Theme 2: Digital Economy
Theme 3: Capacity Building, Education & Human Resources Development
Theme 4: Energy, Sustainability, Infrastructure & Built Environment
Theme 5: Science, Technology & Industrial Innovation
Theme 6: Governance & Policy Design


  • Promote research, excellence, and innovation in the University community.
  • Explore practical research problems that address the community needs.
  • Promote collaborative and interdisciplinary work.
  • Raise the scientific impact and feasibility of PSU and have research to be an added value to PSU achievements.
  • Enhance the research infrastructure for professional development.
  • Generate financial revenue for PSU, through external grants, consultation, possible training, commercialization.

Message form the Director

In September 2017 Research became a priority at Prince Sultan University. This was signaled by the establishment of the Research and Initiatives Center (RIC) that month. The University made several brave decisions which led to the formation of a dynamic research programs and initiatives.

It started with RIC employing a decentralize strategy for research governance. The colleges were granted financial independence and decision making power over conference attendance, project proposal evaluation, research labs, to name a few. This transition from a top-down centralized research strategy to a bottom-up decentralized one dramatically triggered faculty interest and research projects.

Following the establishment of the research programs, the research teams invited top scholars as distinguished visiting professors, recruited Ph.D students from abroad for research internships. These are just a sample of the initiatives that PSU has made and resulted in the highly positive impact on the research environment.

At PSU, we are very proud and enthusiastic about the achievements made in research, and we are working forward to reach the highest level of excellence in research in the near future. I also take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the efforts of the previous RIC Director Dr. Khaled Almustafa and his team for paving the way to a productive research environment and we are on course to continue this success.

Anis Koubaa

RIC Director

RIC Committee

Prof. Anis Koubaa

RIC Director

Dr. Iman Almomani

RIC Associate Directors

Dr. Mohammad Nurunnabi

RIC Associate Directors

Mr. Abdulrahman Yassin

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