COOP & Alumni Relations Unit

The Cooperative Education and Alumni Relations Unit seeks to achieve the objectives of Prince Sultan University through assisting the University graduates to build a deeper understanding of their field, prepare them to the labor market, learn how to overcome all obstacles, merge them in the work environment to gain a genuine and authentic expertise in a realistic atmosphere during their training in selected and distinguished companies. This is achieved through first-rate preparation and effective means of communication, which aims at establishing profound skills in information science, proper ethics, discipline, self-confidence and cooperation with others The Unit builds good relationships with the labor market within and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It attempts to fulfill the University’s goals through giving our students a chance to gain practical experience, thus preparing them for a successful future. Eventually, leading to participate in the overall success of our beloved Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  • Continuous liaison between the graduate student and the university.
  • Raising the sense of affiliation between the graduate student and the university.
  • Continued development of services provided for alumni and cooperative training students which contributes to ensuring effective and fruitful communication between the university, the graduate students, and the business sector.
  • Building strong, effective and continuous relationships between the university and the labor market inside and outside the Kingdom.
  • Strengthening the bond between the university graduates.

Services Provided

  • To ensure the quality of work and services rendered for this category, to make the best use of the connections established with it in the future, and to facilitate effective communication with it, the Cooperative Education and Alumni Relations Unit builds a database for this category using up-to-date methods and technologies.
  • The Unit assists the student to learn all information related with the phase of cooperative education and graduation by holding introductory events about the Unit, its goals, vision, and student’s oriented services, trainers, and employers cooperating with the University in this field.
  • It introduces the students to career and training opportunities in companies cooperating with University, and to the significance of the student’s relationship with these bodies in the field of cooperative training and employment of graduates by holding induction events in which these companies are invited to introduce themselves to the students.
  • It organizes meetings and workshops aiming to promote the students’ skills of writing a CV, communication skills, and how to pass a personal interview successfully.
  • The Unit holds graduation ceremonies and annual meetings with alumni, supervises the Alumni club, and introduces the alumni after graduation to how to make use of the university’s facilities, and to the offers provided to the university by the private sector (sports and tourism services, , hotels, etc.) ).
  • The Cooperative Education and Alumni Relations Unit builds a database for the companies collaborating with the university in the field of employment and training using modern methods to ensure constant communication, signing partnership and collaboration agreements with these companies in these fields, and providing complete information to these companies about graduate students and the students of the cooperative training program.

Enrollment Conditions

  • To join the Cooperative Education Program, the student shall be requested to complete all courses except the Cooperative Education course.
  • When the student enrolls in the Cooperative Education Program, his cumulative grade point average (GPA) must not be less than 2.00 on a 4.00 scale.
  • During enrollment at the Cooperative Education Program, the student must be totally free. It should be emphasized that taking any credit hours, whatsoever their number be, or courses during the Cooperative Program is NOT permitted.
  • Two semesters before the enrollment of the students at the Cooperative Education Program, the heads of the departments at all colleges coordinate with the Deanship of Admission and Registration to determine the number of the students expected to enroll in the program. The heads of the departments also coordinate with the supervising professors to put a specific study plan for each student to ensure that the student has completed all courses before enrolling in the program.
  • The student must register the Cooperative Education course immediately before he/she starts his/her training at the training body.