Dept of Physical Education

Department Dept of Physical Education, Health and Recreation

Physical Education, Health and Recreation (PEHR) provides a range of programs and services for students in the university. Aside from the regular instructional program, we have the year-round intramural program from start till the end of each academic year. We conduct recreational sports competition in basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis, swimming and badminton. The department also offers an evening recreation program for students, faculty members and employees. Held every Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday from 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m., activities include recreational swimming, basketball, football, tennis, table tennis and weight training.
The department also takes charge of the interscholastic sports program which is managed by highly qualified professionals in table tennis, basketball, football, volleyball and swimming.
Interscholastic Sport Program (ISP) is the varsity sport program of Prince Sultan University under the supervision and guidance of the Physical Education, Health and Recreation Department. It is composed of soccer, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, indoor soccer and martial arts. Students are selected after rigid try-outs and intensive training. The teams are handled by professional and qualified coaches with lengthy experience in each sport discipline.


The Physical Education Health and Recreation Department takes charge of health, fitness, sports, recreation and wellness program that focus on creating opportunities and access to diverse learner that develops skills and personal experiences for PSU community. Our department fosters active involvement in organize activity and unite community to promote the pursuit of excellence in lifelong learning.


Provide wide range of activities and knowledge in the field of physical education in order to develop qualified, healthy and integral learner able to face the challenges of the modern era.


University Year Program - Physical Education Health and Recreation Department - Courses Offered:

  • P.E 101 - Beginner Badminton
  • PE 201 - Intemediate Badminton
  • PE 103 - Beginner Basketball
  • PE 203 - Intermediate Basketball
  • PE 109 - Beginner Soccer
  • PE 209 - Intermediate Soccer
  • PE 115 - Beginner Table Tennis
  • PE 215 - Intermediate Table Tennis
  • PE 119 - Beginner Volleyball
  • PE 219 - Intermediate Volleyball
  • PE 121 - Beginner Weights Training
  • PE 221 - Intermediate Volleyball
  • HPE 101 - Health and Physical Education 1 - Women Section
  • HPE 102 - Health and Physical Education 2 - Women Section