Teaching Award Guidelines


Candidates for the award must be full-time teachers at Prince Sultan University and must have completed a minimum of three consecutive years’ of teaching at PSU at the time of application. Furthermore, applicants must be at the rank of Language instructor or higher.


Candidates are accepted by nomination or by applying on one’s own behalf. To nominate someone, you must be from one of these constituencies:

  1. Full-time faculty member.
  2. Student (either current or alumni).
  3. Dean, Vice Dean, Director, or Chairperson.

The Prince Sultan University Distinguished Teaching Award Committee Chair: The Vice-Rector of the Women’s Campus. The PSU Senior Committee for the Rector’s Award for Distinguished Teaching shall be recommended for appointment by the Vice Rector of the Women’s Campus, to His Excellency the Rector, and will include the Director and Associate Director of the TLC as well as the previous year’s Rector’s Award Winner.

Selection Criteria

Nominees are selected using a set of criteria, including, but not limited to, these general areas:

  1. Teaching effectiveness and creativity.
  2. Impact on and availability for students.
  3. Subject mastery, research, and scholarship.
  4. Contributions to curriculum and advancement of teaching; evidence of workshops & other activities.
  5. Effective use of technology to enhance instruction.

The Process

Each of the six colleges will form Subcommittees consisting of no more than five members: a chair, two members from the Women’s side, and two members from the Men’s side. Nominations and/or applications will close by Wednesday, October 31st, 2018. Nominated or applying candidates must upload their files (outlined below) to the link that will be emailed to all nominees by Monday, December 31st, 2018. If a teacher is nominated by a student or students, that nomination and letter shall remain confidential and will be viewed only by the respective Subcommittee, and the University Committee.

By January 31st, 2019 the Subcommittees shall submit the top 3 candidates to the University Teaching Awards Committee. This list must be rank ordered according to the scores received. During this process, the subcommittee will interview the candidates, observe, and review the submitted documents.

By April 1st, 2019 the University Committee shall select up to six winners from the colleges/units, and the one overall winner, to receive the PSU Rector’s Award for Outstanding Teaching. The University Committee has criteria of submission evaluation out of 100% and 80% is the minimum score to become a candidate for the Rector’s Award for Distinguished Teaching; thus, the University Committee may award less than six College-Level winners if the minimum score has not been met. During this process, the University Committee members will visit the classes of any finalist candidate, ad hoc, not prearranged. Also, they will interview the top 3 candidates as selected by the subcommittees, conduct classroom observations, review the documents submitted in support of the nomination, and take the overall score from the subcommittee into consideration. The announcement of the results will follow at the end of the academic year or the beginning of the next academic year.

Candidate File Submissions

Files to be uploaded will include the following, and only the following eight (8) documents, within the designated limits:

  1. Current curriculum vitae (CV): 10 pages maximum.
  2. A philosophy of teaching statement that includes the following areas: teaching styles, methods, and objectives, as well as innovative examples of the integration of teaching with research and e-technology, and newer methodologies, in the classroom 3 pages maximum.
  3. A syllabus from the courses you are currently teaching or have taught.
  4. A minimum of at least 5 examples of performance evaluation of your teaching from the courses you have taught that span over at least two years: this could include the students’ evaluations and the classroom observation; in addition, your submission of these documents gives your consent to allow the University Teaching Award Committee to obtain your annual performance evaluation results from the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs Office for the past two years.
  5. A selection of course reports for at least 2 courses taught over any 3 semesters.
  6. Accounts of any professional teaching development e.g. workshops/seminars/conferences attended and/or participated in, during one's time at PSU 2 pages maximum.
  7. Three letters of support.
  8. The statement about why the candidate considers himself or herself to be a worthy recipient of this award 1 page only.

Conferral Of Award

The Prince Sultan University Rector’s Award for Distinguished Teaching and the PSU Awards for Outstanding Teaching shall be formally conferred at the annual year-end gathering of Prince Sultan University faculty and staff or the opening address at the beginning of the academic year.