Civic Engagement


In accordance with the vision of CSCEC to meet the community needs, Mishkat was held for the 7th time, under the name of Mishkat Academy. Mishkat Academy was a 3-month program open for both the male and female citizens of need in our society. It consisted of teaching various paths: Computer, English, Law, ID, and soft skills courses. It was presented mostly by PSU colleges and the courses were offered to the poor, orphans, and widows of the community to fill the gap between different social classes in one community to help provide them with necessary skills to get job opportunities in the jobs market. Aside from benefiting the targeted audience, Mishkat aims to feed PSU students with a workplace experience to build their personalities that can encourage their high academic excellence.


Joud is a charitable event, where individuals from the community donate electronic devices to help the unfortunate schools in the Riyadh area. In accordance with the vision of the CSCEC department to give back to the community, we will implement JOUD again. We will contact the less fortunate Schools whom are in need of computers and donate the electronic devices to their newly established computer lab. The Joud team and CSCEC will take the initiative of delivering and setting the computer lab. We will supply for their labs with monitors, keyboards, and PCs. We will also present the schools with a plaque.

Elderly Program

As part of our mission and goal to provide programs and resources to the community to become productive citizens and empower the elderly to identify their strengths and passion, we conducted an elderly program الطيبات.