Academic Advising Center


Academic advising is meant to be a supporting beam throughout a student’s life cycle and to help the students develop both personally and intellectually during their journey at Prince Sultan University (PSU). Academic advising aims to facilitate students' intellectual and personal growth, enhance their academic performance, and ultimately ensure their progress towards graduation.


The vision of PSU’s Academic Advising Program is to provide students with the best possible guidance in planning their studies and their future careers.


The Academic Advising Program at PSU aims to facilitate students’ successful transition throughout their academic journey by empowering them to make well-informed decisions to achieve educational and career goals. This can be achieved by working in partnership between students and teachers to promote student success. The program emphasizes the importance of lifelong learning as an extension of both work and study

Academic Advising Learning Outcomes

  • Articulate curricula requirements, progression standards, and course sequencing related to chosen or intended academic programs.
  • Demonstrate students’ responsibility of their learning opportunities by making informed decisions regarding how their studies fit within their overall educational and career goals.
  • Identify opportunities to enhance classroom experiences through academic support services, and co-curricular and extracurricular involvement.
  • Recognize students’ personal interests, values, strengths, and skills in relation to specific academic programs.