Admission of prospective Students

Article 2

The University Council determines the number of students to be admitted for the upcoming academic year on the basis of the recommendations presented by the College Councils and the respective departments at the college.

The Rules of Implementation for Article 2

  • The Admission and Registration Deanship prepares a recommendation for the University Council, in coordination with the University administration, in which the number of students who can be admitted in the following year is suggested.
  • The Admission and Registration Deanship and the colleges coordinate with each other during the current academic year to determine the majors of the students who will complete the preparatory year program, according to their own choices.

Article 3

For admission to the University, the student must satisfy the following requirements:

  • The applicant should have his/her high school certificate or an equivalent certificate from inside or outside Saudi Arabia.
  • The applicant should have obtained the secondary school certificate, or its equivalent, in a period of less than five years prior to his/her application. However the University may waive this condition if the applicant has a persuasive explanation.
  • The applicant should successfully pass any examinations or interviews deemed necessary by the University Council.
  • The applicant must be medically fit.
  • The applicant must obtain the written approval of his/her employer, if he/she is an employee in any government or private institution.
  • The applicant must satisfy any other requirements specified by the University Council at the time of application.

The Rules of Implementation for Article 3

  • Applicants eligible for admission must be graduates of the natural sciences section, the administrative and social sciences or the arts section in secondary school. If the applicant’s secondary school certificate is obtained from outside Saudi Arabia, he/she must submit a letter from the Ministry of Education in Riyadh that his/her certificate is equivalent to the Saudi Arabian General High School certificate. Any further requirements deemed necessary by the Board of Trustees also must be satisfied.
  • The financial rules and regulations stated in Appendix D must be observed.

Article 4

Selection from among applicants, who satisfy all the admission requirements, is based on their grades in secondary school examinations, as well as the results of the interviews and the admission examinations, if any.

The Rules of Implementation for Article 4

  • The Admission and Registration Deanship, along with the University administration, is responsible for typing the admission examination papers and storing them safely.
  • The Admission and Registration Deanship specifies the dates and locations of the admission examinations, announces, and supervises them, with the approval of the University administration.
  • Before an applicant is allowed to take the admission examination, a transcript of his/her secondary school grades also must be submitted, and the applicant’s ID card must be presented at the time of the examination.
  • Upon completion of the admission examinations and interviews, the Admission and Registration Deanship will begin the process of evaluating and comparing the applicants. Applicants will be admitted according to their overall evaluation and the previously determined number of students for that academic year. Results should be approved by the Rector.
  • Students who have been informed of their initial acceptance but who do not attend registration at the specified time will be denied admission.
  • All newly admitted students are required to complete the preparatory year program prior to starting their undergraduate study. Students may be exempt from this program or parts thereof, according to the rules of implementation pertaining to the promotion examinations.

The Preparatory Year Program (PYP)

7.1. The majority of the newly admitted students at Prince Sultan University join the preparatory year program (PYP), which aims to prepare students for their undergraduate study. It also aims to achieve the following objectives in particular:

  • Improving students’ proficiency level in English before starting their undergraduate study.
  • Developing and reinforcing the students’ previous knowledge of the mathematical and analytical fields in the medium of English.
  • Introducing areas and techniques of new subjects to students so as to develop their manual as well as mental skills.
  • Familiarizing students with the available majors at the University.
  • Enhancing students’ physical fitness and stamina through various athletic activities.
  • Familiarizing students with the requirements of undergraduate study. This includes providing them with the required study skills and emphasizing the necessity of discipline in all its forms.

7.2. The duration of the PYP is one academic year, divided into two semesters, as well as a summer session, if necessary. The PYP represents the first and second academic levels of all the undergraduate programs. The following courses are offered in each semester:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics, Law, or Specialized English (depending on the specific program requirements)
  • Computing Skills
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Personal Development Skills
  • Other courses deemed necessary by the University

7.3. The grades earned by the student in the PYP are recorded in his/her academic transcript, along with the semester and cumulative GPA. These grades are not considered when calculating the cumulative GPA for the undergraduate program. The student’s academic standing in the first semester of the University level remains as it was in the last semester of the PYP.

7.4. A student may be exempt from the PYP if he/she proves his/her proficiency in English, mathematics, and computer science in the promotion examination, and or by his/her submitted credentials, according to the rules pertaining to promotion examinations stated in Appendix C.

7.5. If a student passes the promotion examination in English, or mathematics, or computing skills, in accordance with the rules pertaining to promotion examinations stated in Appendix C, he/she will be partially exempt from the PYP but will be required to fulfill any remaining PYP requirements during the same year.

7.6. Final Evaluation of the PYP Students

Students’ performance is evaluated at the end of the PYP to determine those who have fulfilled all its requirements. The general grade of all the courses taken in that year and the results of the comprehensive examinations organized by the University at the end of the PYP will be taken into consideration in evaluation the student’s performance. Levels of evaluation in the PYP are classified as follows:

7.6.1. Fully Passing the PYP

Any student is eligible to register for the third academic level if he/she fulfills the following requirements:

  • successfully completes all the courses offered in the PYP, with the grades required in items (b) and (c), below.
  • earns a D grade or better in ALL English courses of the PYP
  • earns a D grade or better in ALL mathematics course of the PYP (for those who are required to take mathematics courses). Those who would like to join Engineering or Computing programs must earn a C grade in MATH002.

Promotion of a student to the first university academic level, after completion of all preparatory year requirements, takes place at the beginning of the semester immediately following his/her completing these requirements. The student may select any of the majors offered by the University, provided he/she satisfies the required criteria for that major.

7.6.1. Fully Passing the PYP

If a preparatory year student passes only the requirements of either the English or mathematics courses, he/she will be eligible to study some of the third level courses, provided he/she fulfills the remaining PYP requirements during a single semester; otherwise he/she will be obliged to dedicate his/her time exclusively to the PYP coursework only.

7.6.3. The Rules of Implementation for Dismissal from the PYP

A student will be dismissed from the PYP if either:

  • The student receives a DN twice consecutively in the same course, regardless of his/her academic standing in other courses.
  • He/She fails any of the PYP courses three times*.
  • He/She fails to complete all the PYP courses within the maximum period of four academic semesters.

*Grades required for completion of the PYP courses

ENG Courses — D grade & above

MATH Courses — D grade & above (Those who would like to join Engineering or Computing programs must earn a C grade in MATH002)

ALL other PYP Courses — D grade & above

NOTE: Students who would like to join either the Computer Science, the Information Systems OR Engineering programs must hold a high school certificate "Science Track" and needs to earn a "C" grade or better in MATH 002.