The ERL functions under the umbrella of the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) at Prince Sultan University to support researchers, faculty members, and students. The ERL committee provides professional training and coaching to implement evidence-based educational research to constantly improve pedagogies. Its goal is to seek development and refinement of K-12 and higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia both at the regional and national levels.


The Educational Research Lab (ERL) aims to bridge the worlds of education research and education practice with a mission of supporting a more evidence-based education system. The Educational Research Lab (ERL) translates research to practice in partnership with educators, practitioners, and policymakers to develop and use research that improves academic outcomes for students.


  • Support evidence-based quality research in educational studies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Offer various supports to collaborative research partnerships and other stakeholder groups at the regional and national levels
  • Investigate and enhance innovative pedagogical practices in K-12 and Higher Education
  • Provide coaching, training, and technical support to build partners' capacity to use data and research
  • Deliver workshops, presentations, seminars, and other events that support the use of data and research