General Sciences Department

Director's Message

The Department of General Sciences (DGS) offers service courses that cover the essential theoretical foundations of mathematics and general sciences which are the prerequisites for PSU’s scientific degree programs. The objective of the department is to transform young students into competent and motivated professionals with theoretical and practical knowledge, create an atmosphere which encourages research, clear thinking and determination to succeed in their chosen profession.

The DGS has more than 30 highly qualified and experienced faculty that cover scientific fields including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Psychology complemented by the Arabic language and Islamic ethics faculty. We believe that our vibrant and diverse community of scholars creates a stimulating and exciting atmosphere for teaching and research.

Stemming from the crucial role of research in upgrading any academic institute, the DGS is recognized as one of the most active and productive departments at PSU. Our department has contributed with regularity, efficiency, and energy in organizing and participating in scientific conferences and the publication of highly indexed papers published in prestigious scientific journals.

Our department works with our PSU academic colleagues and our student in their respective majors to assist them in their performance to attain their academic goals. Should you have any enquiry, please contact the department : Dr.Wasfi Shatnawi / Head of the General Sciences Department, Male Section and Dr. Ilham Danoun / Head of the General Sciences Department, Female Section.




Our vision is to become a leading department that provides quality foundational education supporting reputable degree programs and employing the highest international educational standards.


The Department of General Sciences is committed to offering a broad high-quality education that will lay a durable educational foundation to meet the specialized professional development requirements in PSU degree programs. The department supports the development of student’s skills that enables them to perceive patterns in complexity, render reasoned judgments, and seek the highest level of intellectual achievement and personal growth. We also encourage students to develop personal qualities such as perseverance, initiative, self-confidence, and independence.


Finite Mathematics - MATH101 (CBA)
Calculus I - MATH111 (ENG, CCIS)
Calculus II - MATH113 (ENG, CCIS)
Business Calculus - MATH211 (CBA-FINANCE)
Engineering Mathematics - MATH215 (ENG)
Numerical Analysis - MATH221 (ENG-NETWORK, CCIS-ELECTIVE)
Linear Algebra - MATH223 (CCIS-ELECTIVE
Differential Equations - MATH225 (ENG)
General Chemistry - CHM101 (ENG-MC)
Introduction To Physical Science - SCI101 (CCIS, CBA)
Physics I - PHY105 (ENG, CCIS)
Physics II - PHY205 (ENG, CCIS)
Stress Management - ELE 103 (Elective)
Introduction To Psychology - PSY101 (ENG, CCIS, CBA)
Introduction To Statistics And Probability Theory - STAT101 (ENG, CCIS, CBA)
Statistical Analysis - STAT271 (CBA)
Applied Statistics - STAT272 (ENG)