Appendix A

Academic Records and Grade Codes

Academic Record

The academic record is a statement that explains the student’s academic progress. It includes the courses studied in each semester, course numbers and codes, number of credit hours, the grades earned, and the codes and points assigned to these grades. The record also shows the semester and cumulative GPAs and the student’s general academic status, in addition to the courses from which a transferred student is exempt.

Grade Codes

Grade Code (English) Grade Code (Arabic) Mark Range Points Grade Significance (English) Grade Significance (Arabic)
A+ أ+ 95 To 100 4.0 Exceptional ممتاز مرتفع
A+ أ 90 Less than 95 3.75 Excellent ممتاز
B+ ب+ 85-Less than 90 3.50 Superior جيد جدا مرتفع
B ب 80-Less than 85 3.0 Very Good جيد جدا
C+ ج+ 75-Less than 80 2.50 Above Average جيد مرتفع
C ج 70-Less than 75 2.0 Good جيد
D+ د+ 65-Less than 70 1.50 High Pass مقبول مرتفع
D د 60-Less than 65 1.0 Pass مقبول
F هـ Less than 60 0 Fail راسب
IP م - - In Progress مستمر
IC ل - - In Complete غير مكتمل
DN ح - 0 Denial محروم
NP ند 60 or above - No Grade - Pass ناجح بدون درجة
NF هد Less than 60 - No Grade - Fail راسب بدون درجة
W ع - - Withdrawn منسحب بعذر
WP ع ج - - Withdrawn with Pass منسحب بأداء مرض
WF ع هـ - 0 Withdrawn with Fail منسحب بتقدير راسب
AU م ع - - Audit مستمع

Appendix B

Example of the Calculation of Semester and Cumulative GPA