Article 19

A student graduates after successfully completing all graduation requirements according to the degree plan, provided that his/her cumulative GPA is not less than pass. If the student has passed the required courses but his/her cumulative GPA is low, the College Council, on the basis of the recommendations of the council of the department concerned, is entitled to specify the appropriate courses that the student must complete in order to improve his/her GPA.

The Rules of Implementation for Article 19

  1. The student must follow the degree plan for his/her major and complete all the requirements before graduation.
  2. The Admission and Registration Deanship provides the department concerned with copies of the academic records of all candidates for graduation. The department reviews all the academic records to ensure that students have completed all graduation requirements. The department then gives a list of the students who are qualified for graduation to the Admission and Registration Deanship.
  3. To be eligible for graduation, the student must have earned a cumulative and major GPA of 2.00 or higher.
  4. If a student’s cumulative GPA is lower than that required for graduation, the student may request his/her cumulative GPA be recalculated, provided he/she has successfully completed all the courses required for obtaining the degree. This is based on the recommendation of the departmental council, in coordination with the Admission and Registration Deanship and the approval of the College Council, provided that the new GPA does not exceed 2.00 (out of 4.00) after recalculation.

    The rules governing the recalculation of the cumulative GPA are as follows:

    1. To exclude a grade earned previously in any completed course, the student must have repeated the course successfully and earned a grade of D or higher.
    2. The grades F, DN, WF, D and D+ may be excluded by subtracting the number of a course credits from the total number of credits used to calculate the student’s cumulative GPA, and then subtracting the quality points assigned to these credits from the total quality points used to calculate the student’s cumulative GPA.
    3. The total number of course credits to be excluded when calculating the cumulative GPA must not exceed 24 credits.
    4. The academic record must include all grades earned by the student in the studied courses and the grade earned on each occasion. The courses that have been excluded from the calculation of the GPA are to be identified by a special mark in the academic record. The cumulative GPA, after excluding the grades of the repeated courses, must be clearly indicated.

    No changes to academic records are allowed under any circumstances after the graduation documents have been issued.

    The rules for the cumulative GPA recalculation apply to courses that a student has repeated at Prince Sultan University.

    The cumulative GPA should not exceed 2.00 (out of 4.00) after exclusion of certain grades and recalculation.

  5. To be awarded an academic degree from PSU, the student must have studied at PSU a minimum of 36 credit hours, including at least 18 credit hours in his/her major.
  6. The Admission and Registration Deanship has to thoroughly review all students’ records to ensure that all graduation requirements are satisfied.
  7. The Admission and Registration Deanship submits a report to the University Council by the end of each semester that includes the names of all students expected to graduate.
  8. The Admission and Registration Deanship submits a report to the University Council that includes the names of all students who have completed all graduation requirements and actually graduated.
  9. A graduating student must obtain a clearance form from the Student Affairs Deanship and have it signed by the following departments: Central Library, Security, Medical Center, Academic Major Department, Student Affairs, Admission and Registration Deanship, Accounting, and any other departments specified by the University administration.
  10. The Admission and Registration Deanship prepares and issues official documents and certificates for graduates and keep copies of them.
  11. The financial rules and regulations stated in Appendix D must be observed.

Courses included in the major GPA are:

Program Courses included in the Major GPA
Computer Science, Information Systems, and Software Engineering Courses with CS, IS and SE course codes
Finance Courses with FIN course codes
Marketing Courses with MKT course codes
Accounting Courses with ACC course codes
Aviation Management Courses with AVM course codes
Interior Design Courses with ID course codes
Architecture Courses with ARCH course codes
Applied Linguistics Courses with ELAN, ELP, ETRA, and TEFL course codes
Translation Courses with ELAN, ELP, ETRA, and TEFL course codes
Law Courses with LAW course codes
Communication and Networks Engineering Courses with CME course codes
Engineering Management Courses with EM course codes