PSU Guest Reception

PRM is responsible about the reception of PSUCW guests with an average of 90 annual guest.

Documenting Events

Documenting all major events and storing the pictures in a data base for an easy access from all units. (850) photos.

TAIF Newsletter

The Media Center unit publishes TAIF (PSU Newsletter) every two weeks during the academic year. (203 Issues have been issues).

Provide Support for PSU events

PRM is responsible for providing catering in all PSUCW events with an annual average of 175 catering request.

Communicate with PSU members

Using SMS system that allows to reach all students and staff to invite them to major events and send them alerts with an annual average of 1200 annual.

Announcing PSU events

Announcing events through email, Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn) with an annual average of: 7 daily emails, 4500 Instagram followers, 11922 twitter followers.

Mail Delivery

Sending and delivering packages in PSU with an annual average of: 350 Received - Package 5000 Received - Letters 65 Sent Documents.

Students Educational Trips

Annual Averages of trips 56 that served 1200 Students from 11 Department.


The PRM provides all offices and Departments with their needs with an average of 95 annual prints provided to 10 Departments

High Schools Students visits to PSU

Every year High school students who would like to join PSU visits the University.

Annual Events

These events are done on annual base: National Day, Eid Fitter Celebration, Eid Adha Celebration, Mother’s Day, Graduation Ceremony, and Annual Appreciation Ceremony.


PRMC designs all PSU printing materials (Book, Flyer, Banner, Roll-up, Announcement,...etc.). An average of 300 designs every year.

Major events

International Food Day, International Women’s Day, Faculty “Park” trip, Junadriah Field Trip, International Water Day, Diabetics Awareness Campaign, Bone Health Awareness Campaign, Higher Education Expo, Autism Day, Traditional Day, Faculty Museum Trip, Child’s Day, Volunteering Day.