Other Services

TLC also provides the following services at both campuses. Contact the TLC coordinator at each department for any assistance in the following services. You can also contact the TLC team to acquire the following services.

Peer Review Of Teaching

Peer Review of Teaching (PRT) – more holistic and developmental, utilises expertise and experience of academic peers. This practice is promoted amongst the faculty members. The TLC also offers training in this regard.

Curriculum Design Support

Workshops and consultations are provided to continuously enhance the process of curriculum design and review in that attempt to support the colleges’ efforts to continuously enhance their programs.

Instructional Design Support

Workshops and consultations are provided to continuously enhance the process of instructional design which is a practical and systematic process for effectively designing curricula that meets the needs of the current job market.

Setup & Organize Workshop

The administrative staff of the TLC are available to help setup and organize workshops.


The Teaching & Learning Center provides on-demand consultations with PSU faculty members, both undergraduate and graduate students, and administrators on areas related to teaching and learning. We collaborate with instructors in a variety of areas, such as designing a course, developing learning objectives, assessing student learning, actively engaging students, managing a large class, designing effective assignments, teaching with technology, reviewing course evaluations, classroom observation, learning process, exam strategies, communication skills, program assessment, curriculum mapping, etc.  As partners in the consultation process, the Center consultant and faculty member(s) work through the teaching or learning issue with assistance from evidence-based resources and their collective expertise. All consultations are private and confidential. Consultations are available to individuals, teaching teams, and departments.   The Center will contact you within two business days of your request.