Visiting Students

Article 50

A “visiting student” is a student who studies courses at another university or in any branch of the University to which he/she belongs without transferring. These courses are considered equivalent to those offered at the University, according to the following rules:

  1. The student must obtain the approval of his/her college before he/she begins his/her studies.
  2. His/Her studies should be at a recognized college or university.
  3. The course the student takes outside his/her college should be equivalent, in terms of content, to a course required for graduation.
  4. If the visiting student is studying in one of the branches of the University to which he/she belongs, the rules under Article 47 apply.
  5. The University Council determines the maximum credit hours to be allocated to a visiting student from outside the University.
  6. The course grades credited to the visiting student will be recorded in his/her academic record, but not included in the calculation of his/her cumulative GPA.
  7. Any other conditions required by the University Council should be satisfied.

The Rules of Implementation for Article 50

See Appendix F.