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Achievements of Prince Sultan University's Law Team in International Commercial Arbitration Competition

Prince Sultan University's College of Law Appoints His Excellency Mohammed ElKuwaiz as Distinguished Professor for Securities Legislation Master's Course in Commercial Law

Moot Court Session

PSU participates in Jessup C. Philip International competition.

The College of Law has signed a cooperation agreement with the College of Law at Washington University in St. Louis.

In collaboration with the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration, the College of Law organized a workshop titled: Dispute Resolution Methods.

A group of male and female students from the College of Law at Prince Sultan University visiting the headquarters of Al Rajhi Takaful

Policy Development and Approval Workshop

The students of the Zakat and Tax Law course, both male and female, visit the headquarters of the General Administration of the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority.

The Law College welcomes Professor Stefan Kroll to its faculty members family.

CHS and CL Programs Earns Prestigious HCERES Accreditation

The Second GPDRL College of Law International Conference

Conclusion of the last Course of "Global Deals from the Practitioner's Perspective" Program

The Dean's List has been issued for the AY 2022-1443

A Workshop Entitled "Creating an In-house Counsel" in Cooperation with Aramco

The College of Law Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with National Unified Procurement Company (NUPCO)

College of Law Students met with His Excellency the Minister of Justice

The College of Law Team won first place in the 13th Preparatory Competition in the Middle East

A Workshop Entitled “How to Become a Legal Advisor in Companies”

An open meeting between the Dean of the College and the students

The College of Law at Prince Sultan University is pleased to Announce the New Mahara 8 Program for this Semester. The Program Includes 7 Workshops on Various Topics.

Workshop on "Drafting Petroleum Policies"

With the cooperation of K2Integrity, College of Law has launched a boot camp entitled, “Financial Crimes Compliance Boot Camp” for the publish Sectors and Academia.

College of Law has concluded the last lecture of a boot camp entitled, “Financial Crimes Compliance Boot Camp” with the cooperation of K2Integrity.

Do you want to study at the best U.S. universities?

The College of Law Welcomes Mr. Gary Born to the Faculty Members Family

An Intensive Training Program Entitled "International Deals from the Practitioner's Perspectives"

A Discussion about Cooperation Frameworks Between Prince Sultan University’s Law Faculty Members and Duke University

Lecture on Handling the Requirements Related to Construction Projects in International Commercial Arbitration

The Second lecture of the "International Deals from the Practitioner's Perspectives" course

“Financial Crime Compliance” Course in Cooperation with K2 Integrity

College of Law signed a MoU with the General Secretariat of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Committees


Seminar of Activating International Day of Ending Violence Against Women

College of Law's Dean Discussed Ways of Cooperation with the British Academy of Higher Education for Professional Development for Law Faculty Members

College of Law Signed a Joint MoU with the School of Law at Boston University

College of Law Participation at the Saudi Law Conference

A Delegation visited the General Secretariat of the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Committees

PSU Alumni, Sultan Al-Mutairi, gave a lecture on international arbitration

The College of Law Concluded Moot Court Sessions

A Delegation of the College of Law Students at Prince Sultan University Visits the Administrative Court in Riyadh

The College of Law Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Mawaddah Charitable Association

The College of Law and “Al-Tamimi & Co.” Sign a Memorandum of Understanding

Honoring the Winners of “Research Abstract” Writing Competition

A Georgetown Law Professor Gave a Lecture on "Learning Language and Law Together"

A Delegation of the College of Law at Georgetown University Visits Prince Sultan University

College of Law Celebrates International Law Day

College of Law's Team Participated at the Eighth Arab Moot Court in International Law

Calendar of Law College Activities for the Second Semester 212 Activity

Net Zero Emission and Transition Towards Climate-Neutral Economies: The Role of Higher Education and Saudi Vision 2030

Guest Lecture at the College of Law

Prince Sultan University Translation Award for Students - A.Y. 2021-2022

Prince Sultan University Translation Award for Faculty - A.Y. 2021-2022

PSU Celebrates the Graduation of Three Classes of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Recipients at Marsool Park

Welcoming Ceremony of GPDRL New Members

Male Student Club in collaboration with Female Student Club at the College of Law: Practising International Commercial Arbitration

Dean Meeting with Alumni

The New Moot Season has started

First GPDRL College of Law Students' Research Abstract Writing Competition

The College of Law holds an open meeting with its male and female students

Administrative Corruption presented by: Dr.Salem Almotawa

1st GDPRL International Symposium on Saudi Arabia VISION 2030: Legal, Socio-economic issues and way forward

Share your experience with me

Awareness seminar entitled 'Fighting corruption and promoting the values of integrity at work' - Nazaha Club

The Kingdom's Experience in Fighting Corruption and its Achievements workshop

hosting a seminar entitled ("Development of the Legislation System", a Reading in the Future of the Profession and Legal Qualification)

Qemah 2

Mahara 3 Program

Great success of the PSU team at the Bahrain Middle East moot

1st GDPRL International Symposium on Saudi Arabia VISION 2030 : Legal, Socio-economic issues and way forward

1st international webinar “Brand Protection Online: Global Perspective”

Meeting with Lexis Nexis Middle East for future Collaborations with the College of Law

introductory meeting between the College of law and Finnegan's law representatives for possible collaborations


" How to Determine Where Your Suit Will Be Heard "

Vis moot team 2020-2021

Two teams in the SCCA arbitration moot

Inspecting the progress of the midterm exams

Prince Sultan University, in cooperation with the U.S Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP)

“Train of intellectual property trainers’ program”

The Vis moot season has started for the PSU Vis moot team

Nominating three faculty members of the College of Law for “Train of intellectual property trainers’ program” in cooperation between IP Academy at SAIP and WIPO

College of law procedures during COVID 19 for the Academic year 2020- term 201

PSU won 1st place in the Pleading Competition organized by the Law Club of King Saud University in cooperation with the Saudi Bar Association

The PSU Vis moot team is in the final phase for preparation for the Vienna Vis Arbitration moot Competition

PSU wins the first KSA Arbitration moot

College of Law opens Master program in Commercial Law registration for males for the academic year 2020-2021

Open talk with the Dean Dr.Fahad Almajid

Open meeting with the Dean

The College of Law Announces the Launch of the “Lawyering Practical Skills Program" in Cooperation with the American Bar Association (ABA)

"Sultan Law: Excellence and Creativity"

The College of Law invites the producer Todd Albert

The College of Law is Sending Legal Tips via Email

The College of Law Hosted the Coverage File for the Training Program, Organized by the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration

The Lawyer Industry Program

The College of Law in Collaboration with DLA Piper Organized a Workshop Entitled :(Legal Drafting)

Registration is Now Open for the Master Program in Commercial Law

Law Pioneers Club Workshops

Wa3ya Program

Learning the law: how a moot arbitration competition builds students’ skills

Law students at Prince Sultan University have enjoyed the unique experience of moot arbitration as they acquire invaluable skills for their future legal careers

For any organisation that wants to avoid expensive and traumatic litigation or a court case, arbitration provides a valuable method of dispute resolution. Students at the College of Law at Prince Sultan University in Saudi Arabia have been gaining a unique taste of arbitration at moot competitions, competing locally, internationally and, more recently, in a virtual setting. 

A number of students participated in in the Middle East moot in Bahrain in March 2018, an experience that sparked interest in the value of moot arbitration, and later that year the College of Law at PSU signed an agreement with the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration (SCCA), which initiated an Arabic-language competition. “The College of Law at PSU has always been interested in endorsing and encouraging students to enter competitions” says Abdulaziz Altuwaijri, dean of the College of Law at PSU. “Competitions represent an extraordinary added value in refining the skills of the student in a practical manner.”

The SCCA Arbitration Moot Competition was officially launched in PSU’s College of Law in September 2019, with Zlatan Meškić, professor of law at the university, appointed PSU’s moot coach. PSU supported the development of the moot program at the college with the provision of coaching, a strong research environment and the opportunity to participate in preparatory moots abroad.

The mock arbitrations foster numerous skills that will be crucial for students’ future legal careers: legal writing such as statements of defence, delivering convincing oral pleadings, research into national and international law, and the ability to communicate well within a team. “If I apply to any legal internship, I’ll need three key skills: research, writing and strong orality. Vis moot was the perfect experience that helped me check those boxes,” explains Dareen Abdulkareem, a senior law student at PSU. “I’ve learned how to present arguments in a very clear manner, and this was noticed by interviewers who are looking for clarity and the ability to learn quickly.”

The skills and connections forged by “mooties” during the mock arbitration process mean that they are in high demand by law firms and other institutions. Mohammed Aleissa, a PSU law student, feels that the experience helped him learn how to efficiently manage his time, among other skills that will make him more employable.

“It can be difficult to balance your personal obligations such as university work with the needs of the team. I’m happy that this is a skill I’ve developed early,” Aleissa says. “There’s a view that only senior legal professionals can take part in arbitration because you need a lot of experience, so the competition aims to introduce a younger generation to arbitration as a means of dispute resolution.”

Meškić agrees that participation in the competition is a “good entry card” for students as they consider their future careers in law. “It opens the door to scholarships, universities seek these students for their master’s, and lawyers can see them at work,” he explains. While face-to-face competitions were postponed because of the pandemic, students are still able to gain networking and collaboration skills in their connections and negotiations with other universities. 

In 2020, Meškić’s teams won first place in the three main categories of the national SCCA Arbitration Moot Competition. In 2021, the SCCA competition turned international, and PSU’s male and female arbitration students gained second place awards in specific oral and written categories. Internationally, the team has reached the semi-finals of the international pre-moot in Sri Lanka. The team also gained four second-place awards in the Middle East Pre-Moot, including the MENA Chambers Excellence Award for international commercial arbitration. “This is a developing field where there are not many experts, so participating in moot arbitration makes you eligible for a promising career,” Meškić concludes. “Students who were mooties in previous years are now working in arbitration.”

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