Bachelor in Electrical Engineering

The Electrical Engineering Program aims to respond to the high demand in the Middle East for engineers to develop innovative approaches to solving engineering problems. Investigations and surveys of human resources needs in Saudi Arabia have indicated a high need for highly qualified electrical engineers. The economy is growing, especially in the electrical engineering area, where a lot of money and effort are being invested. EE has aligned with Saudi Vision 2030 by training and educating students to develop the electrical power infrastructure, especially in the transmission and distribution networks, and a renewable energy market.

The program will teach the fundamentals of these aspects along with what is needed in the market. The EE program is conceived with industry partners, ensures world-class facilities, and provides knowledge and technical expertise in the latest research areas like Smart Grid, Power Electronics, Electric Vehicles, etc. Electrical engineers are required in various core industries, including IT companies in the private and public sectors. Besides, the program enhances the creativity of the students to develop innovative projects and eventually results in novel products for the market and society's needs.