• K1-Demonstrate fundamental understanding of the nature, function and structure of core areas of linguistics and applied linguistics.  Graduate attribute: Knowledgeable
  • K2-Recognize the relationship between the theories of linguistics and applied linguistics displaying an awareness of their interdisciplinary nature and how they connect with other fields.  Graduate attribute: Knowledgeable

Cognitive skills:

  • S1-Analyze the structure, function and evolution of language at the levels ofphonology, morphology, grammar, syntax, and semantics in addition toexploring the relationship between language and psychology, society, thoughtand culture. Graduate attribute: critical thinkers
  • S2-Demonstrate an ability to produce, reflect critically and edit oral and written communication products to diverse social, cultural, professional or academic communities using appropriate digital media and technology. Graduate attribute: Communicators, critical thinkers, digital natives


  • V1-Display an ability to lead and engage in research individually orcollaboratively recognizing the ethical and legal considerations anddemonstrating an aptitude for life-long learning. Graduate attribute: Communicators, teamplayers, socially responsible and ethical
  • V2-Demonstrate preparedness for pursuing an academic path and/or a professional career in language teaching or corporate and organizational communication displaying responsibility, accountability and commitment to work ethics.Graduate attribute: Communicators, team players, socially responsible and ethical