Dean's Message


On behalf of the faculty at the College of Law at Prince Sultan University, I welcome you.

The journey of Prince Sultan University began in the fall of 1999, and since then, the university has set its sights on improving learning outcomes to enable its Students to effectively compete in the local and foreign labor markets. The College of Law at Prince Sultan University is distinguished by many things, but what distinguishes it most is its students, whether current, former or who will join us soon. Indeed, they always prove that they are the most prominent mark in this equation.

The College of Law offers two programs, the first is a bachelor's program in law and the second is a master's program in commercial law. The college has been keen to improve these two programs by attracting talents from elite faculty members locally and internationally. The aim of these programs is to empower students with the knowledge and skills required in the labor market. The college is keen to review the curriculums of these courses periodically, in order to ensure that the courses of these programs reflect the reality of the situation in the labor market. And in the college’s keenness to offer unique legal programs in the labor market, the bachelor’s program in law gives students the right to choose any academic tracks they wish to pursue, such as the track of commercial law, international law, or Saudi law (advanced stages). The college emphasizes the importance of providing options according to the desire of students, and in a manner that reflects the aspirations of the legal sector.

The contribution of the college did not stop at this stage, but rather it went beyond it. The college believes in the need for an active research contribution in the most prestigious scientific journals. The college owns a research laboratory through which professors and students contribute to preparing various types of research and publishing it in the most prestigious scientific fields. The college is also keen to strengthen its presence in the legal community by adopting many initiatives, events and conferences, all of which are concerned with raising legal awareness in its various fields and forms. Finally, the path of the College of Law did not and will not stop at this point, as all employees of the College of Law believe in the need to support the legal sector in all its forms and manifestations.

In conclusion, I thank you for giving me this opportunity to present an overview of the College of Law at Prince Sultan University.

Dr. Abdulaziz Ahmed Altuwaijri

Dean of the College of Law