The following conditions are required in order to consider the application:

  • 1. The applicant must hold a Bachelor degree in a related discipline from a university recognized by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in KSA.
  • 2. An applicant will be considered for admission in the program if his/her Undergraduate degree performance is ‘very good’ (B) or above. However, based on guidelines of the MOE, this condition can be waived for ‘upper good’ (C+) given that the computed “Specialization GPA is ‘very good’ (B)”.
  • 3. The mode of instruction of the obtained degree should be “Full-Time”.
  • 4. All applicants are required to take IELTS minimum score of 6.0 or its equivalent TOEFL score.
  • 5. Note that students who obtained their Bachelor degree in a country whose native language is English are exempt from the English Proficiency Test.
  • 6. For more information, please visit:

Other Requirements

In addition to the above conditions, the following documents are expected to be submitted:

  • 1. An Online application which can be accessed through the link:
  • 2. A copy of the resume (in English) with the application
  • 3. Statement of Purpose which explain the reason for selecting the program and choosing Prince Sultan University to continue your graduate study.