Fabrication Laboratory

Fab lab is a place for anyone to make anything by using our digital design tools, 3D printers, laser cutting and other advanced technology. It was established to keep pace with the latest techniques of contemporary crafts and modeling, along with an effort to contribute to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. In its essence, it revolves around transforming ideas into reality were all planning, designing, production and manufacturing are done in one safe place. The lab provides a perfect environment for creativity and discovery to transform the ideas of our ambitious generation into a tangible reality.

The laboratory has been prepared in a way that ensures the safety of students by providing sufficient space for their comfort and their projects requirements under natural sunlight and excellent ventilation. A student is allowed to use the lab after attending an introductory workshop about the lab services, usage rules and safety regulations. To ensure the health and safety of the students, all technicians in charge have been trained on evacuation drills and first aid procedures. The lab is divided into 4 zones each zone differ in functions and safety level required. It starts with area No. 3 and ends with area No. 0, which is the most demanding area in terms of use control and safety measures as it contains Sawing machines.

The lab provides a verity of handcraft tools some of which are easy-to-use and others more complex. The more complex a device is the more training is provided to explain the device and its programs to assist the student in their projects. The lab management contacts the faculty members constantly to cover the objectives of the practical lessons. The lab also provides consultation services to choose the appropriate device for students who want to create models to achieve the desired result while maintaining the highest of quality standards. This includes introducing the students to different types of materials and their properties and choosing the right material for their project.

Fab Lab participated and organized many activities and competitions at the university. This stems from Prince Sultan University's keenness to encourage students to broaden their horizons and refine their craft skills.