About College of Architecture and Design (CAD)

The College of Architecture and Design (CAD) at PSU consists of two academic programs: Department of Architecture and Department of Interior Design

The two departments target female students and are designed to graduate qualified and competent architects and designers for the local, regional and international job markets. The college is known for its forward-thinking faculty, market connections and collaboration opportunities. It has crafted a dynamic strategic plan designed to deliver quality programs that reflect excellence and leadership in higher education in Saudi Arabia and the region.

The content and structure of the programs are comparable to those offered by leading universities in the region and worldwide. In addition, the programs are designed in accordance with international standards. The Architecture and Interior Design programs offers a Bachelor of Science degree in their respective fields after successful completion of the respective curricula requirements of 138 credit hours. Duration of study for both programs is four years in addition to the preparatory year program. Lastly, these programs are guided by the following vision and mission of the College of Architecture and design.


The College of Architecture and Design aspires to be the leading institute in the region that provides education, practice, and research towards community advancement, innovation, culture continuity, and sustainability.


The College of Architecture and Design aims to graduate professional designers and architects who will enrich the community through the use of technology innovation and fostering creativity. The college aspires to raise the sense of environmental and community responsibility, and foster research and evidence-based design.