Law Student's Club - Female Campus


To participate on building awareness about the rights and duties for the community in order to serve their religion and country.


To spread awareness about the law to the specialized and social community.


  • To assemble different workshops, debates and lectures in the law field.
  • To publish important information concerning the law on social media.
  • Developing new and attractive ways for law activists.
  • Offering trips to facilities and institutions that will help students create a mental connection between their studies and the work field
  • Empowering students by making them adopt skills and qualifications necessary for their future as lawyers

Events organized by Law Club

A workshop presented by Mrs. Rafeef AlDharrab under the title of Skills of Drafting an Appeal, where she discussed its main properties and what it includes to amount to a legal document.

Skills of Drafting an Appeal

Structure of the Law Club members

  • Ms. Taiseer Osman
    Club Supervisor
  • Ghada Al-Qaraawi
    Club president
  • Sarah Al-Habeeb
    Vice President
  • Media Department
    Walaa Al-Mohaimeed
    • Felwa Al-Madi
    • Sara Harb
    • Najood Al-Shuaibi
    • Rahaf Al-Rosayes
    • Noursa Al-Mousa
  • Organization Department
    Lamis Al-Harthi
    • Latifa Al-Khaldi
    • Dalya Othman
    • Reem Al-Somali
    • Muzeen Al-Assaf
    • Nouf AlKhelaiwi
    • Rafeef Shaheen
    • Shahad Al-Qahtani
    • Lulwa Al-Bakrj
    • Reema Al-shehri
    • Haya Al-Hassan
    • Reema Al-Suhaim
    • Reema Al-Dawood
    • Deema Al-Gabbas
  • Public of Relations department
    Shahad Al-Bakri
    • Fayqah Qassem
    • May Al-Hoqal
    • Noura Al-Qublan
    • Reema Al-Dawood
  • Administration Department
    Noura Al-Sulaiman
    • Deema Al-Gabbas
    • Leena Al-Jarallah
    • Bodour Al-Numair
    • Jenan Al-Muhaylib
    • Hadeel Kashoom