Program Learning Outcomes

A.) Knowledge and Understanding

  • PLO 1. Explain legal principles and rules, both in theory and practice, in globalized environment
  • PLO 2. Demonstrate knowledge of the legal system of Saudi Arabia, including its core principles, regulations of public and private laws

B.) Skills

a) Cognitive skills

  • PLO 3. Identify legal issues and apply relevant rules of law to a factual description of events and reach appropriate legal conclusions
  • PLO 4. Apply critical analysis through case scenarios and legal research

b) Practical and physical skills

  • PLO 5. Produce a competent and effective legal analysis orally and in writing

c) Communication and ICT skills

  • PLO 6. Use technology for oral and written communication and legal analysis

C.) Values, autonomy and responsibility

a) Values and ethics

  • PLO 7. Respect the ethical standards and values related to the legal profession and represent responsible citizenship

b) Autonomy and responsibility

  • PLO 8. Demonstrate understanding of group dynamics, become a contributing team member and apply the principles of independent work and leadership