Program Learning Outcomes

The Law Program will enable you after the completion of the program to:

  • Recognize legal principles and rules, both in theory and practice.
  • Understand, and present substantial legal information related to Civil and Criminal.
  • Laws, Family matters, Jurisprudence, Commercial Laws, and International Law.
  • Define legal terms effectively.
  • Be familiar with the history, theory substantive and procedural laws.
  • Apply knowledge of legal concepts, doctrines and theories on various legal issues.
  • Explain the legal concept effectively, both orally and in writing.

Identify legal issues & theories that apply to the facts of a described problem:

  • Expanded their abilities to identify legal issues and apply core legal principles on the cases.
  • Describe legal concepts related to public and private laws learned in the courses.
  • Apply knowledge of procedure Law in practice.
  • Apply Knowledge of specific facts related to legal disputes and principles.

Compose legal arguments on given case scenarios in a course:

  • Be able to apply legal rules learnt.
  • Be able to apply procedures involved in problem solving e.g. in criminal, family cases.
  • Both when asked to do so, and when faced with unanticipated new situations.
  • Be able to investigate issues and problems in course of study using a range of legal.
  • Sources and come to valid conclusions.

Interpret facts and laws in variety of situations:

  • Be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the substantive and procedural law.
  • Be able to demonstrate understanding of the substantive and procedural law.